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A Test Too Far - UK Nurses - Sovereignty Theft - Property Theft - Baby Theft?

A Selection of reports from Nuremberg 2.0 Fuellmich. - NHS Footage of Attempted Baby - Sovereignty Theft & Confimation that A Good Death Was Planned 2016 For Those Entering The Care System March 19th 2020 Onward.

[30/07, 13:31] Joska: A Media Group. Chat From Reiner Fuellmich transcript..

Correction: the Dr's Name is Bryan Ardis. The FDA has introduced a new condition of inflammatory multi organ failure in children in the summer of 2020 before the vaccines came out they made preparations for anticipated future 'de-novo' diseases. VAERS now officially 4000 active cases.

A whistle blower doctor lady said to him that a teenager who had collapsed in their practise with Giullaine-Barre syndrome three hours after the vaccination needed to be reported. She asked her colleague about reporting this case to VAERS...the doctor colleague replied back to her, ''what is VAERS???? '

Dr Ardus is also saying that so called 'early onset periods' such as was seen in two year old girls is no other than transmission of nano particles from vaccinated adults to their children by sweating, breathing and other transmission routes in close proximity.

What is then termed 'early onset period' is the bodies frantic attempt to clear blood clots via the reproductive system.

He also points out that ethylene glycol and graphene oxide in the vaccines is destroying all ovaries in young girls 100%.

Somewhere in the NHS UK.

Case study .. UK Hospital Filming. Share.


You tube tube just cut off the live transmission of the Corona panel hearing at 1.55 pm at the end of Dr Bryan Ardis presentation ....for 'violating the community guide lines...I immediately wrote to the secretary of the panel hearing and received a reply for the substitute channel on the games portal d-live... Sitzung 63: "Im Auge des Sturms"

Die Übertragungen auf DLive und Facebook laufen heute stabiler:

➥Hier geht's zum Video auf DLive

➥Hier geht's zum Video auf Facebook

RA Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, hier geht's zum Kanal:


Parents prevent their unborn child from being tested.

Nursing staff would appear to think the baby is owned by the NHS Trust?

Have the NHS jumped the gun here and identified what the future position will be?

Test = Ownership as they then believe you are non human?

Telegraph Article 30.07.21

So What Happens In Testing?

Hancock gives the game away. Testing population wide. Why would you want to test Nationwide for something that doesn't exist (No Virus) and the test doesnt work?

What Happens In Bio Weapons - Jabbing?

The trans human agenda: Synthetic - Chimera - Transhuman.

Why Do They Think They Now Own The Child.?

DNA - Human - Changing Events..

Steps To Digital Slavery

NHS Authorised - Kill Zones - Confirmed

A Good Death - Even When They Were Not At End of Life - Care Home Culture 2020.

Nuremberg Code violations - I Can Balance Spoons on My Nose But Vaccine Content??

Ministers have repeatedly insisted that care homes were not abandoned by the NHS during the coronavirus crisis, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. More than 42,000 residents in England and Wales died during the pandemic and hospitals released thousands of patients into care homes without testing.

The Telegraph disclosed earlier this year that care homes were asked by NHS managers and GPs to place "do not resuscitate" orders on all residents at the height of the pandemic to keep hospital beds free – in breach of guidelines.

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