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Human Augmentation - Hydrogel - 5G - You!!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Yesterday a guy - Thanks Rob - sent me a Ministry Of Defence - PDF on Human Augmentation and asked if id seen it. Interesting document - Connect the dots again.

No i hadn't but it makes the picture complete and why the DARPA Hydrogel report on the swabs becomes more significant also all the other parts come into focus.

It makes all the pieces come together - The Defense Related Materials

What Theresa Did Next

It completes the Mark Steele information deck - Oldham 2019

To support the Govt Control of you narrative.

You becoming a part of The Internet of Things. A Trans-human.

It shows the Govt intention and control end game for what it is.

Check your NHS record status?

Who has access apart from the GP NHS and you?

Have you opted out of having your Data sold and Sovereignty lost?

The Augmentation PDF has been added to the Evidence file for Genocide - Criminal activity - INT/06A1/0004545/21

So once again in links and pictures to previous content we take you on the Human Augmentation journey for the Synthetic, Chimera Trans-human - Vaxxed and Chipped amongst us who have been duped by a Treasonous UK Government.

Remember There is No Virus - No Test - No Contagion.

46 Countries couldn't isolate SARS COV 2 but we do now have a manufactured bio weapon in COVid 19 jabs.

IMPACT - Death for many - 1350 dead over a million injured in the UK alone.

This has been medical manslaughter of the elderly in phase 1.

Human reaction to electrification of the atmosphere by 5G implementation especially in the West in phase 2. Causes many side effects.

Phase 3 is possible death through Mrna gene therapies with DNA altering consequences. VAERS data being manipulated in the US and no doubt in the UK on the MHRA - Yellow Card system.

MHRA have withheld the cure for cancer gaoling Lynn Thyer and David Noakes under European Arrest Warrants until recently.

Human Augmentation.

Darwin and the Masonic version of evolution. Follow the thread Masons and Nephelim control Governments through finance and the City:


You can get a rough idea navigating the sections of where this is going.. stating the obvious here i know but this makes it clear. The Mrna gene therapies have not been delivered for your health or protection against disease. Your immune system sorted that. God or The Universe built that in when designing us..

This bit is utter bollocks. No one went about changing their DNA to enhance performance. Yes they dressed for success or war but what's taking place now is totally different.

How swabbed individuals are linked to the interface. From a previous post building the picture.

Report to GMP of Genocide:

Dr Carrie Madej - Human 2.0 - The - Chimera - Synthetic - Transhuman Agenda

High Bandwidth Data Connection For Use between Brain and The Controlling Party? The Hidden Hand. 5G LED combination - The Threat That Councils UK Wide Have Allowed to be implemented via UN Sustainability Goals. We The People - Case Study 5

Hydrogel Fractal Antennae Formation From Swabs - Stew Peters Show - See clips to support magnetic impact of taking the jabs..

Mind Altering US Patents : Download

4 BA Pilots Dead in a Week - Employment Considerations

Related Materials:

Obsolescence - Age & Use Determined - 5G Can Switch You Off. Remotely.

Target Acquiring - Its A Weapon NOT A Communications Technology.

We The People - Case Study 5. 5G - LED Streetlighting 868 MHz -

Urban Radar - SMART meters - Secret Military Armaments in Residential Technology - SMART.

Attempted Closure of INT/06A1/0004545/21 - GMP. This is a National Emergency and GMP are attempting to cover it up.

See Ex PC Mark Sextons crime report for confirmation: Genocide -

An Act of Terrorism On UK People.

Download PDF


The central nervous System can be manipulated via Sensory pathways. Of interest here is a resonance method wherein periodic Sensory Stimulation evokes a physiological response that peaks at certain Stimulus frequencies.

This occurs for instance when rocking a baby, which typically provides relaxation at frequencies near 72 Hz. The peaking of the physiological response verSuS frequency Suggests that one is dealing here with a resonance mechanism, wherein the periodic Sensory Signals evoke an excitation of oscilla tory modes in certain neural circuits.

The Sensory pathway involved in the rocking example is the Vestibular nerve.

However, a similar relaxing response at much the same frequencies can be obtained by gently stroking a child's hair, or by administering weak heat pulses to the Skin, as dis cussed in U.S. Pat. No. 5,800,481,

Sep. 1, 1998. These three types of Stimulation involve different Sensory modalities, but the Similarity in responses and effective frequencies Suggests that the resonant neural circuitry is the Same. Apparently, the resonance can be excited either via Vestibular pathways or via cutaneous Sensory pathways that carry tactile or temperature information.

Near 2.5 Hz another sensory resonance has been found that can be excited by weak heat pulses induced in the skin, as discussed in U.S. Pat. No. 5,800,481, Sep. 1, 1998. This Sensory resonance brings on a slowing of certain cortical functions, as indicated by a pronounced increase in the time needed to silently count backward from 100 to 70 with the eyes closed.

The effect is sharply dependent on frequency, as shown by a response peak a mere 0.13 Hz wide. The thermally excited 2.5 HZ resonance was found to also cause Sleepiness, and after long exposure, dizziness and disorientation.

Other, more obscure types of stimulation in the form of weak magnetic fields or weak external electric fields can also cause the excitation of Sensory resonances, as

Part of the evidence delivered to all Chief Constables 20th October to December 2020. We The People - Project Elephant -

NHS Selling Your Records - Or Access To Third Parties - The Genetic Engineering of You.

A Million March through London - Not on The BBC? ITV? Mainstream Media!!

Read The Full Report

Darwin The Masonic Plant

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