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GMP - Genocide Report - INT/06A1/0004545/21

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

24th May 2021 - 1400 - 1510. I arrived at GMP Northampton Road at around 1400 hours there were a few people there some who had been waiting since early morning to get their car back which had been placed in a compound by "The Wolverine" project or team?

They weren't having much luck on my arrival since early morning but things improved for them as i left GMP at around 1520.

They had a long journey back to Essex hope you got home safely girls.

So I experienced trying to add the Slovakian lab report to the evidence of genocide under intelligence file INT/06A1/0004545/21 This proved a difficult task in itself.

No one initially wanted to take responsibility?

I asked for a Constable under Oath, The Chief Constable.

This is their job, all i was getting was excuses!!

This was a Police Station NOT wanting to take evidence of a crime?

Two staff on the Crime Desk did NOT want to handle a report that mentioned genocide?

It took in total around 40 minutes and a call to an off duty manager to get a receipt for the report.. Thanks to Georgina Stewart 20624 for taking responsibility.

GMP's North Manchester Report Desk with receipt,

Lets remind ourselves of what Mark Sexton identified or brought to light. The PCR test - DARPA Hydrogel, stick analysis as mentioned last year 2020 by Kate Shemarani at Trafalgar Square also Dr Carrie Madej but now we have an independent lab report to back it up.

DARPA Hydrogel. What it does to you.

Kate Shemarami Warning of Darpa Hydrogel. Trafalgar Square 2020.

Packaged : What it looks like. From our friends in China?

CCP Involvement and Government Contracts going back to Theresa May and the Chinese 5G Huawei Deal.:

Remember the Gavin Williamson leak? What was it that got out exactly?

  1. The UK Government dealt with CCP on the Huawei deal. Theresa May

  2. Wuhan labs test bed. People drop dead after 5G test bed switch on and all Wuhan locals were injected with "Flu Vaccine" previously.

  3. The development of the vaccine was in the US till it got too hot to handle then transferred to China.

  4. These testing sets are impregnated with Lithium and DARPA hydrogel. Toxic.

  5. DARPA Hydrogel will remote control living cells via radio signals.

  6. Huawei Manual Analysis: Mark Steele Watch:

Everything isn't as you were told, by a long shot

2003 - 2018 The Creation of The Corona Virus Empire - Nature Cant Be Patented

Under the microscope:

The disposable sampling swab. Its Injecting DARPA Hydrogel into your system NOT testing for SARS COV 2 as the tests DO NOT WORK!!

Saliva Primes the Hydrogel, Insertion to the nasal cavity inserts the hydrogel then it goes about its business.

The Receipt.

The Highwire - Del Bigtree - The Vaccine Kills Your Immune System - Expert Analysis

Mask Analysis

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