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An Illusion So Great - So Vast - It Escapes Perception

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

The Secret Covenant - So Large - So Vast - It Will Escape Their Perception.

This is what Mike Kane MP Sale East & Wythenshawe had to cover up after 16.10.18 by 30.11.18 he was 100% compromised.

As soon as Rothschild and White Collar Crime Networks (Masonic & Common Purpose) were mentioned he stood up and claimed I was a Conspiracy Theorist & Anti Semite.

He'd already confirmed with APPG Banking Exec Director Heather Buchanan he'd be asking the questions. He bottled it.. The guy is bought by the Cabal.

Mike Kane has now been identified as a COVid Criminal. Nolan Principles Apply

New Nuremberg Trials Commence 1.9.21

COVid Criminals Audit Trail Friday 16th July 2021. Crime Number JS435946946GB

Watch & Download

Dr Stefan Lanka - The Misconception called Virus.

Dr Andrew Kaufman With Courtenay Heading

Free Book Download: The Covid Con; A Wake

Mike Kane MP failed in the simplest of tasks. We The People - Case Study 4 - 5

Kane's Objective: Asking my Questions of John Glen Treasury Minister about the method that HMRC and The HM Treasury were using to take down the UK economy. In the House of Commons. Its Televised. Mike Kane is bought and failed. By design.

This was Silent Weapons Quiet Wars unfolding and Mike Kane MP was a Zionist Collaborator. Malfeasance in Public Office. Applies To Identified MP's : Nolan Principles

1. First The Financial Decline By design. 1990's Business Theft & Mortgage Fraud. Bait & Switch - Bait & Snatch. Case Study 4

3. The Three phases of Genocide - Democide.

3.1 The Scam Pandemic - The Cashing in of The Elderly & Infirm Sovereign Wealth Bonds. Medazolam & Morphine.

3.3 In For The Kill - Pump Up The 5G Power. Radiate.

Trigger The Nano Particulates in the Bio Weapon - Slow Death.

The 10 Stages of Genocide:

1. Classification

2. Symbolization

3. Discrimination

4. Dehumanisation

5. Organisation

6. Polarisation

7. Preparation

8. Persecution

9. Extermination

Extermination begins, and quickly becomes the mass killing legally called genocide. It is extermination to the killers because they do not believe their victims to be fully human.

10. Denial

Murder By Government Policy - Bernician

Prima Facie Evidence

Brexit - The Delay Tactics To Implement 5G & SMART & LED Street Technologies

3.3 In For The Kill - Pump Up The 5G Power. Radiate.

Trigger The Nano Particulates in the Bio Weapon - Slow Death.

The Passport Is The Road To Hell

July 19. 2021. Parliament Square. London. Freedom Day

19th July 2021. Police Constables remove their headgear to chants of arrest Matt Hancock

FOIR Request 2775936 - GMCA - GMP - The Final Piece In The GMCA Cabal Puzzle.

Latest Request For A Crime Number

Sent 2.18pm 20.07.21

Received 4.10 PM. 20.07.21. GMCA Would Appear To Have No Answer As It Implicates Them In The Treason, Fraud, Theft, Manslaughter - Democide - Genocide.

Solutions - Businesses - That Are Movable - Block Chain - Block Chain

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