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Australian Police - To Take Down Government - UK Follows

Doctors Do Not Know What They Are Jabbing or Swabbing Their Victims With.!!

The Children Are Next - Nuremberg Code Well & Truly Violated.

Dr Alex Allinson v courtenay - adam - lawrence of the family heading

NHS Gearing Up To Kill The Children - A UK Government Directive.

Whats In The Vaccine - Bio Weapon?

Immunisation Programme Assistant (Chichester) - 37.5 hours per week

An opportunity has arisen for Band 3 Immunisation Programme Assistants

to join our school-aged Immunisation Service.

These posts are for a period of up to five months starting in by September 2021.

This is Asymmetrical Warfare.. Inflicted by Corrupt Rothschild Lead

Satanic Local & Central Governments Worldwide.

Its time to put an end to it.. We The People:: working together to restore our constitutional laws. Not Roman, Admiralty, Talmudic, Babylonian Statutes. as delivered by Boris and his Treasonous Government..

MP s, Cabinet Members, Civil Servants, Local Councils in the UK have committed Treason. The UK Government have committed Treason. NHS Doctors and Nurses are in breach of the Nuremberg Code.

The Police Chief Constables have committed a range of misfeasance - malfeasance - non-feasance in public office and broken the Nolan Principles of Public duty..

Its time to follow the example of our fellow Australian Commonwealth members and bring those to justice that have caused harm, loss and injury.

A Canadian Tale - An Australian Tale - A United Kingdom - The City - based Genocide Infrastructure.

Liz 2 and her Rothschild - illuminati mates are in full swing but will be stopped by.

We The People in our masses...

The Elderly - Middle Aged - Teens - Children - They Know No Bounds

No More Deaths, No More Lives Ruined, No More Children Harmed

The MP's outed themselves.. COVid Criminals.

The Chief Constables outed themselves. We The People - Un rebutted Affidavit becomes truth in law.:

Council leaders outed themselves.

Jabbed & Swabbed - What happens when you turn up the 5G EMF levels?

5G LED Street Lighting - Arrays & SMART technology

Not So Much A Conspiracy Theory More A Well Thought Through Planned Attack

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