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China Crisis - 5G - Huawei - CV19 - Bat Soup - ?

Short China Jokes

Q: Why is there no Disneyland in China?

A: No one's tall enough to go on the good rides.

Q: What do you call a Chinese Billionaire?

A: Cha Ching!

Q: How does every Chinese joke start?

A: By looking over your shoulder.

Q: Did you hear about the party at the Chinese zoo?

A: It was Panda-monium.

Q: What has 2 wings and a halo?

A: A Chinese telephone, Wing-wing, halo?

OK Chinese Jokes Aren't That Funny.

Have You Heard The One About Theresa May, Gavin Williamson and the Links

With Boris and Bat Soup? No? Lets Try This For Size.. But Lets Keep It In The Party..

The Peoples Bank Of China Raise Money As Any Central Bank, Based on Promissory Notes, Securities and Bills of Exchange. Money From Fresh Air..

There are more Chinese than most -1 Billion? - and they have many empty SMART Cities:

60 Minutes Australia Documentary series about Chinese Empty SMART Developments. Recommended.

Understand Agenda 21 - 2030 - Rosa Koire -

Do Your Own Research..

You Need To Understand Silent Weapons Quiet Wars.. Please Read To Assess The Risk To Yourself and Family.

PAG Banking Process Slide - Securities Fraud

Many Chinese Families have become extremely wealthy then looked to invest overseas.

Manchester has a large Chinese population and its growing rapidly, the investment from BCEGI is tremendous on projects across the Northwest alone. This will be the same UK wide and Internationally.

There are a lot of Chinese raising money from their signatures via Central Banks

out of thin air.

We All Do This. Home Owners, Investors. That Isn't The Problem Its The Securitisation and Rehypothecation Factor of Central Banking Once A Billion People Start To Undertake this activity? and Knowing What The Funds Are Used For.

BCEGI is a major Chinese state owned Enterprise.

Back To The Plot..

Theresa May Stopped The Banking Tribunals also Lost the Geoffrey Dickens Paedophile Ring Files.. Did the 5G Deal - Then Dragged Out BREXIT.. Get it, She Bought Them Time? But Who Are They?

Clues 1 and 2

Theresa May Did a deal with Huawei the NOT So Independent Mobile Telecomms Provider. Chinese State Owned Effectively.

Gavin Williamson Sidelined under dubious circumstances but everything wasn't clear? What Did He Know or Find Out?

Life In China Isnt What The Hong Kong Kids want as they will lose their freedom? We Will Too Left To The Establishment!!

Clue 3

Life In China Is About Compliance And Towing The Party Line.


Change of Leaders Around Brexit Non Delivery,

Outcome - Boris In, Theresa May Sidelined. Shed Done Her Bit..

Hammond disappears as Hes Going To Be Found Guilty

Malfeasance in Public Office - Tik - Tok..

Clue 4

Boris Goes Ahead With The Huawei deal.

Clue 5

Bat Soup - Corona Virus - Covid19 - Becomes The Order of the Day - Extra Bowl Full Please?

False Pandemic Alarm By The Deep State

Social Conditioning Commences

Boris Lies To The People

Microwave Radiation Poisoning Is Killing People Now. Vaccination With COVID19 Nano Particulates will Give You The Same Symptoms As Microwaved Veterans

Are Microwave Injured Veterans More Likely to be Affected by Viruses?

Yes. Microwave radiation can cause immunosuppressive injuries by causing a known bio-mechanism; oxidation of fatty acids that leads to immune suppression.

Clue 6

Lock Down On A False Premise:

Clue 7

Economy Ruined - 5G Installs Steam Ahead.

Whilst Your IN Da House..

Plan to Radiate Humanity - Deagel Stats Delivered:

Georgia Guidestone Predictions Underway

What If The UK Spirit was too great for the Controllers and they wanted to replace us with a more controllable type?

IMPORT. Kalergi Plan Style?

Clue 8

Police Report In For The UK Govt -

Corona Virus Scam - 5G Kill Grid.

Lets See What They Do? If They Wont Act,

The People Will Have To.


Economy Tanks - Businesses Fail -

Empty Properties - Banks Steal More Properties As People Dont Understand The Fraudulent Bank Process.

Move The Masses - Control The Indigenous Limited Numbers - After The Cull:

CV19 - Bag - Tag- Burn, NO Autopsy.

Everyone Has Covid19 On Their Death Certificate They Wont Necessarily Have Been Tested For Covid 19. From The Guys Representing The Official Govt Narrative.

SIR PATRICK VALLANCE - UK Chief Scientific Advisor

ONS Just Gives The Number of Deaths - Everyone Is Registered As Dying of Covid 19?

Are COVID-19 Death Certificates Being Manipulated? A Conversation with Dr. Annie Bukacek

Dr Annie Bukacek - Presentation - The Figures are flat out wrong.

So Whose Behind This Genocide?

Follow The Money.. ££, $$

Michael Gove's other Jobs

Boris, Pfeffell AKA Johnson: Born New York, Shouldn't Be UK PM.

To Prevent Boris's Bag Tag and Burn Exercise From 5G Microwave Poisoning Work With SUN and Property Action Group.

Those They Don't Kill - They Are Stealing Your Assets.

Affidavit 0.9 Expands on These Facts and How Your Successive Governments Have Let Them Run Riot Through Your Life.

Also The Lives of Your Kids and Grand kids.

They Get Paid Out via Treasuries, Via Your Sovereign Wealth Fund - As Its A Pandemic. No Insurance Payouts Via The Banker Owned Insurance Corporations.


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