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Every Day Is A Gift - We The People - The Crown Corporation - US Election Outcome - PAG.

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Isaac Kappy - The Present - If The Reset Is NOT Prevented

Lets Begin..

The Best Form of Defence Is ?

If They Win - You Die - If NOT Now - Before Your Time - When Your Useful Work Life Is Completed.

The cure for cancer has been available for some time - GC MAF - Not distributed and the creators in a French Gaol under a European Arrest Warrant. 200,000 deaths a year have followed as it wasn't released but stifled by the MHRA (Health Regulator)

STAYING WELL - Because You Are In The Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Group You Will Be Prioritised For Corona Virus Vaccination. You will be contacted directly when it is time to arrange your vaccination.

Manchester contact:

Dr Manisha Kumar


A Response to Dr Manisha Kumar will follow

Margaret Keenan or Liz Scott? Vaccinated 6 Months Before A Vaccine Was Available - World Economic Forums - The Great Reset. From Happening.Network - Now Removed? Margaret or Liz is on the right - A Crisis Actor.

You Have To Decide - Slave or Sovereign?

Which Will It Be?

Taking Oath To The Nation - NOT The

Crown Corporation

The City of London - Crown Corporation.

USA 1871 - 19th President - TRUMP

The Occult City of Washington D.C.(District of Columbia is Luciferian Vatican territory)

The Foreign Capital in D.C. is currently surrounded by U.S. MILITARY and all assets secured. An area of only 10² miles.

This area does not belong to the PEOPLE, because it is foreign soil.

1776 🇺🇸

The USA became a Constitutional Republic under Common Law of the Land.

1871 🇬🇧

The Republic covertly became a CORPORATION under Maritime Admiralty Law. City of London now owns the US corporation.(Owner = Queen)

2021 🇺🇸

AFTER 150 yrs President Trump's 02 Nov 2020 Executive Order restores the USA REPUBLIC in 2021 under NATURAL LAW under GOD. ( No more Luciferian Maritime Admiralty Law)

150yrs = 6x generations(25yrs)

7th Generation = FREEDOM, PEACE & HEALTH

WWG1WGA 🇿🇦 🇺🇸"Make Mission"

Three critical documents signed by President Trump to restore CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC

1)02 Nov 2020

Executive order 13958 : *1776 Commission*

2) 04 July 2020


3) 04 May 2020

Chapter 11 Involuntary Bankruptcy

Case no 02-40375-KKS

Links below:

WAR CASTLES - russel-jay: gould , david-wynn: miller.

As content is removed from Youtube try bitchute and alternative platforms.

In The UK - The Banks - Councils - Judiciary - Police (Chief Constable) and above are involved in the Crown Corporation Deception: DS01 - Further Reading Recommended.

Paid or Leveraged?

We The People - Proved That TREASON had been Committed At Various Levels Within The Infrastructure of the UK All link back to The Crown Corporation and The City of London. A Unrebutted Affidavit being Truth In Law.

HM Treasury And HMRC controlled by the city were already Proven 16.10.2018 to be behind the economic fraud taking down the UK economy: Analysis of The Perfect Crime - Release 1.0 also Part 2 We The People provides the evidence:

The US election outcome and success of Donald Trump would appear to endorse on a global scale the information brought together here. The great reset is away of removing your assets, businesses and life as you knew it based upon a hoax pandemic. Its now time to question authority and what you have been told do date.

You have been lied to from birth by a centuries old mechanism that endorsed slavery.

Now is the time to change for the better.

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