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Free Speech - Constable Savage - 2020 Trafalgar Square

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Examples To Follow & NOT to Follow

1. BE IT ENACTED - This is DOG LATIN and counterfeit. Babylonian Babble. Admiralty Law.

2. by the Queens most Excellent Majesty - The Queen is the Queen of Swans & Dolphins NOT England or anywhere in the UK she's a fraudster appointed by the Bankster's a 3/16 Rothschild appointed 2.6.1953 by a rigged, bought infrastructure that effectively was a power grab by the Deep State/ Hidden Hand/ 13 Families or illuminati. (Nephilim)

Call them what you want but they are fake and we have been defrauded. 2.6.1953 was the commencement of Silent Weapons Quiet Wars.

Affidavit and statements of Truth - Process Commenced 23.10.19

Points of Reference:

So You Decide - As Im F%cked If Stanley Knows

Trafford: £200 - fine imposed for Mask Exempt - Barber and Shop Owner.. £100 each.

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