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IDOX - Health Passport - V Code - UK Sport Application.

Updated: May 31, 2020

Links between articles, screenshots and services bringing the pieces of the 5G - Covid-19 - Track & Trace, Agenda 2030 - Sovereignty, puzzle together.

The impact of Apps and Return to the New Normal? You Could Lose - Read On.

Remember: 5G plus Vaccines = Targeted ill health

Track and Trace (Snitch & Grass) Apps will become a human compliance tool, an Agenda 2030, New World Order filter mechanism.

Health Apps or Health Passports will be a gatekeeper function with a coded status recording capability. The ability to switch you on or off from people contact, services, access to premises, finances and everyday tasks functioning as a Government (Deep State) compliance tool is high.

This is how control (Divide & Conquer) of humanity will take the soft route into our everyday lives. If we allow it to.

Remember there is NO pandemic. Its a false Govt endorsed narrative.

Covid-19 is a manufactured, patented mild flu - NOT a Highly Infectious or Contagious Disease. Its of Low Consequence NOT High.

Fixed with Hydroxychloroquine Treatment for Severe COVID-19 Pulmonary Infection (HYDRA Trial) (HYDRA).. Article.

The extract above is from the Govt website, pre lock down. Further confirmation of an engineered situation without substance.

160 Doctors talk Covid-19: London Real - Brian Rose - Dr Rashid Buttar. Q & A

In the light of the Dominic Cummings - Barnard Castle expose' and the piece of content received today on Health Apps, we tie together a few points and their significance.

Note: There is a second view on the Dominic Cummings story line linking the Lisbon Treaty that needs to be explored, the timing is critical for 2020 and keeping us within the EU. This is linked to a post under construction covering Govt Treason and Sedition and our need to be in Lawful Rebellion - Article 61 Magna Carta 1215. To Follow.

Health Apps - Received email and You Tube content.

Let me start by saying V Code is a very good product but its use in this area becomes questionable as we are talking about a false Government data set in that there is NO Pandemic, Rigged Death and Health Statistics, determining a false set of product requirements. ONS Statistics. Link

Lets be clear, This is a false Govt business requirement with an ulterior motive.

Remember there is false recording of Covid-19 deaths and false death certificate entries being recorded within many areas. This is to try and support the media hysteria created by the manipulated press and Banker controlled Govt agencies.

See the NHS Whistle blower post for supporting details:

The need was never there to implement a lock down under circumstances created, its been leveraged by Govt handlers - top down.

A highly marketed National Pandemic that isn't a pandemic and Govt contrived false statistics with an influenced motive to invoke lock down, soft house arrest and create a self regulating Police State run through misinformation.

We are in a situation where the Govt (Under Control of the Deep State - Banker - Bilderberg Complex - Rothschild - Rockefeller) have engaged in one of the greatest asset grabs of all time.

Greater than 2008/9 - date as this time they have created the conditions where laws, acts and statutes now have been changed to take away peoples rights, liberties, property and in the extreme cases their lives through the Corona Virus Bill. policy of Bag Tag and Burn for something that isnt a HCID

A false narrative to create high levels of fear meeting the Deep State final objective of Silent Weapons Quiet Wars, but more so given the Genocide intention being the final requirement through an endorsed Gates Foundation eugenics vaccine - 5G programme.

(2) Take control of the world by the use of economic "silent weapons" in a form of "quiet warfare" and reduce the economic inductance of the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide.

Reference the App requirement this meets specifically the Short List data capture requirements and a potential government misuse of targeting individuals.

Questions to be answered:

(1) what

(2) when

(3) where

(4) how

(5) why

(6) who

General sources of information:

(1) telephone taps

(2) surveillance

(3) analysis of garbage

(4) behavior of children in school

Standard of living by:

(1) food

(2) clothing

(3) shelter

(4) transportation

Social contacts:

(1) telephone - itemized record of calls

(2) family - marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.

(3) friends, associates, etc.

(4) memberships in organizations

(5) political affiliation

If you take the V Code architecture and couple it with the other NHS tracking App contract holder IDOX who we are now informed has the NHS database we could be looking at a level of data and control unparalleled in influencing our everyday lives.

The Govt are supposed to be elected by the people but knowledge over time tells us this isn't the case, democracy having been taken away decades ago. Its time for a change or re education of our Common Law rights.

A guy sent me a video today (27th May) and The Control element became much clearer as to ease of implementation as i know the technology potentially to be used and previously I have tried to have it implemented in the waste sector for tracking waste products. V Codes.

I would like to say that the guy who is behind the product - invention i wouldn't have placed in the category of globalist dictator or that of a eugenicist style maniac but a nice guy with a good and now successful foundation product and business.

But potentially its now in the wrong hands under a false premise given the UN Agenda 2130 and our Governments manipulation by the Banking sector.

Louis - KYC - Know Your Customer..

The final objective isn't what they are potentially telling you!!

Knowing what i now know about the Government, Banking Sector, MHRA and Politics and their intentions against the masses this news is not good as the capabilities of the product i feel are there to complete an inventory of your life linked to the V Code and associated infinite numbering mechanism delivered through an encrypted coded design that can be read from a visible distance which has far greater capabilities than similar technologies such as QR codes. This is clever technology, make no mistake.

The motives of Govt understanding the levels of theft and fraud they are already involved with a tool set such as V Code and the V Health application, this could be very easily mismanaged in their hands.

Anyone having dealt with Govt over 5G or Financial Fraud and seeing their false Covid-19 promotion and marketing will be able to tell you the agenda and narrative they follow will not be in your best interests.

This Govt has now morphed into a dictatorship growing from a false set of highly managed circumstances around a false pandemic scenario, with a parallel objective to fit as many 5G devices and towers in the lock down period as possible.

All the technical solutions are linked. All the initiatives lead back to entrapment. The Banking frauds lead back to the same people.

FOI 745432 raised for GMCA. This set of objectives is NOT conducive for your health.

The V Code product links into a client tracking mechanism and an inventory or location relationship database which could be tailored to every aspect of your life, it does bring the Orwellian Experience closer to our everyday lives in the UK.

Watch Dragonfly Eyes to get an idea of what could be in store or read - We Have Been Harmonised by Kai Strittmatter for further insights.

I feel it could track and trace every movement you will make and record every aspect of your life, more so than any technology ever before.

This is underlined in the Wuhan Video experience above and watching Dragonfly Eyes.

The promotion of Health and Sport implementations is seen as being key areas to getting people back to events, work or into hotels or premises, this effectively will split society into being a false measurement of Covid-19 status. The NON Pandemic.

Covid-19 Clean or Unclean, Vaccinated or Non-Vaccinated, Access or NO Access, based on a false narrative as Corona Virus is a manufactured situation of the Bilderberg/ Gates/ Fauci/ WHO regime that is now being identified for what it really is.

A Cesspit of Bribes, False Skewed Narratives, Hidden Agendas, Fraud, Manipulation and Now Human Control, Business Rule Mechanisms.

All elements of the Social Conditioning and Silent Weapons Quiet Wars philosophy.

This was made evident with the Govt SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) leak around the APEASE philosophy and The Use of Media to Increase A Sense of Personal Threat. UK Column leaked Govt data: Slides below.

We have also seen overseas false positives behind Covid-19 testing of goats, fruit and rabbits and in the UK Covid 19 testing kits that show positive through contamination so an application is only as good as the data held and this is being skewed to suit the Govt narrative and need for a vaccine that when its contents are brought into an EMF field of 5G and 60Ghz will give the symptoms of the Corona Virus also rob you of oxygen.

The 5G Vaccine Link - Gates Foundation - Eugenics.

Conspiracy Fact

Fauci $ 3.7 Million Funding - Obama Regime - Wuhan Labs - Judicial Watch.

US President Donald Trump has instructed his administration to temporarily halt funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump said the WHO "failed in its basic duty and it must be held accountable". He said it promoted China's "disinformation" about the virus that likely led to a wider outbreak.

APEASE : Acceptability, Practicability, Effectiveness, Affordability, Spill Over, Equity.

False promotion by SAGE - The Scientific Advisory Group For Emergencies.

APEASE : Acceptability, Practicability, Effectiveness, Affordability, Spill Over, Equity.

Follow The Money - MHRA - UK Govt.

It would appear that App based products will be used to address an issue that doesn't exist, but intended to further the New World Order agenda of control over the masses.

What is Sovereignty - Losing Your Sovereignty - How Will It Impact You..

Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In political theory, sovereignty is asubstantive term designating supreme legitimate authority over some polity.[1] Ininternational law, sovereignty is the exercise of power by astate. De jure sovereignty refers to the legal right to do so; de facto sovereignty refers to the factual ability to do so. This can become an issue of special concern upon the failure of the usual expectation thatde jureand de facto sovereignty exist at the place and time of concern, and reside within the same organization

To me sovereignty as an individual is to be, do and have what i wish as long as i act within the Common Law parameters of Do No Harm, Create No Loss to others, Nor Injury. Freedom to live your life on your terms. Should I break this code in the eyes of others a fair trial in front of a jury of 12 good men and women would determine where the guilt lay. What is Sovereignty To You?

Track and Trace and Health Apps have an Ulterior motive. They will reinforce the ability through a tacit agreement or action based on false information looking to capture yourself in a framework of deception. Similar to what Ted Heath did in the 1970's and we now Have The Brexit Scandal that never should have been as Fraud was committed and the UK falsely entered into the Common Market.

The Tale Behind Document Set FCO 30/1048 is one of Traitors, Treason and is about to become significant again. With Initial research thanks to Dave Barnby and David Robinson who redirected me to the document set.

Track and Trace - Health Apps and their implementation are based upon a NON pandemic scenario, a false foundation to implement the manipulation and ultimately the control of humanity - Without their knowledge by tacit agreement people will be lured into this predicament.

High Treason. Malfeasance in Public Office are terms we will hear shortly linked to the Westminster corridors of power yet again.

There is No Pandemic.

Therefore No need for The Controls We Are Seeing Put in Place.

The Hidden Agenda is 21 0r 2030.

The Ultimate Loss is Your Sovereignty and Ability to Live Your Life On Your Terms.

Govt Make Sure That You Lose!!

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