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If Your In The Deep State - Your Going Down With It!!

There is NO Virus - There is Carbon Dioxide Poisoning - Dr Robert O Young.

Dr Young's interview with Sacha Stone - Must Watch.

That Goes For UK Councillors, MP's, Police, Free Masons, Common Purpose etc that are involved in Silent Weapons Quiet Wars against the people of the UK and the world. They are here to wreck society and those who tacitly agree to be dictated to.

Start Making The Connections - No One Will Sort This Out For You - You Have To Think This Through For Yourself And Take Action..

The answers are not in the media. Its Controlled. Their tactical approaches are here, step by step, in plain sight.

There is NO Virus - There is Carbon Dioxide Poisoning - Dr Robert O Young.

Babylonian Agenda, Genocide, Bad Actors, AIDS, Ebola,

Tell The Truth as a Doctor. Lose Your Research Funding

To Qualify the young Florida ladies statements there is a historical background we all need to be aware of and its not as you were taught in school. They wont tell you this as it spoils the surprise nature of what the establishment are really doing to you.

Slavery was never abolished.

They just changed the rules slightly with the Cestui Que Via Act 1666, Legalese (Legal Language), Creating a Fiction based on your birth certificate.

Start to research now. Starting Points.

The illuminati - A Historical Journey

New World Order - Illuminati - Hidden Hand Plan - Agenda 21 Step By Step

Confirmed Inside Job - Take Down of UK Industry a 9/11, 7/7, Manchester Bomb event.

SAGE leak. UK Column:

Important Notice for Residents in Whalley Range.PlanningApplication number: 124816/FO/2019 Proposal: Installation of a 25 metres high telecommunications mast with associated equipment cabins Location: Communication Mast Site, 131 Withington Road, Manchester, M16 8EE Deadline for Objections: Friday 4th October 2019

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