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Lawful Solutions Revisited - UK Police Actions.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Here we witness unlawful, criminal and illegal activity of THE CORPORATIONS POLICE OFFICERS/ Police Constables (Under Oath of Office ) and remind ourselves of the way forward in a lawful fashion.

This is because they are controlled by The City of London, through Local Councils and effectively endorsing The Governments TREASON and Sedition amongst many other criminal charges that will follow. Proven 22.12.20 - We The People

NPCC Communication 10.2.2021.

Ian Hopkins - Manchesters ex Chief Constable who stood down 18.12.2020. Theresa May.

ex Home Secretary, Ex Prime Minister. See We The People Part 2 Case Study 4 Letter

They Police By Consent, Government Govern By Consent. I-DO-NOT-CONSENT

The Peoples Lawyer - David Adelman

Keeping Businesses Open Part 1

Keeping Businesses Open Part 2

Keeping Businesses Open Part 3

Witnessed by 30 Plus People - Tyranny

Police beating a restaurant owner for NOT ADHERING TO GUIDELINES?

This is NOT Law. It is Stazi - NAZI - Gestapo - Tactics. A Culture Within The UK Police Forces is now beginning to become apparent to all.

We witnessed it in London at the Trafalgar Square Events. Its in our Cities Nationwide.

Keeping Businesses Open Part 4

Keeping Businesses Open Part 5

Latest Information on Luc and Kates Business Situation.

GMCA's new acting Chief Constable Ian Pilling also Andy Burnham have aligned themselves with the Terrorist Actions of Government Against The People.

Both posts were on NOTICE previously. Ian Hopkins left 18.12.2020 as the evidence provided of TREASON, Sedition, Misprision of TREASON stacked against UK Councils and employees especially GMCA/ GMP is now that great it would be difficult to argue any case in a Court of Record - A Common Law Court.

What appears to have taken place is Assault and Kidnap of a member of the public going about his business to earn a living for his family.

GMCA are now proven to be acting on behalf of the EU and UN who are now proven Foreign Forces of Occupation acting through a UK Cabinet that has Committed TREASON. This is the Fourth Reich in Action in Manchester 2021. Wake Up UK!!

This is Asymmetrical Warfare

A Response to the Unlawful Court session held behind Closed Doors by Manchester and Salford Magistrates has gone out. This will be copied below. We do have a version but NOT the final version that was delivered.

Police Body Cam evidence requested from 7.2.2021.

NPCC Sherry Traquair see email trail above: NPCC Communication 10.2.2021.

THE VIRUS HAS TO BE STORED AT -70 Degrees - Delivered in Two Injections 3 Weeks Apart? - Police Get It Too.. Nurses - Teachers - Police..

Government Tactic: Remove Frontline Workers -

Remove Command & Control. Create Disorder - Move The Troops In.. It Doesnt Always Happen Somewhere Else. To Somebody else.

Now Its Here - Wake Up UK.

Police Informed of Wider Issues BUT HAVE NOT PAID ANY ATTENTION. They are bought/ corrupted at Police Chief Constable and above. Email to NPCC FOIR

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