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Project Jonesy - Commences 9-10-2020

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

They Don't Like it Up Emm Sir,

They Don't Like it Up Emm..

Words from Jonesy "The Butcher" describing in this scene from Dads Army - from what i can remember Italian prisoners of War - Under The Careful Watch of Captain Mainwaring & The Boys - Mussolini's Boys being A part of the Fascist empire aligned with Hitler's Nazi's.

Today We have the New Nazi's in the EU - UN forces that are hidden in most Councils across the UK and Central Government.

They allow the Satanic 666 Spacing and Number count.

They allow street lighting at 666 THz 450nm to break down your skin and cause cancers. The blue white lights fitted in most UK street lights that support the 5G Mayflower units that scan your homes and communicate at 868MHz with SMART meters. Secret Military Armaments in Residential Technology.

Grenfell Towers - A Survivors Story.

5G Microwave Radiation - The Grenfell Tower Disaster

Grenfell From An EMP - Mayflower Unit Perspective

They employ the Armed Forces to start doing their Dirty Work. Once again troops misinformed and turning against their own as they are ill advised.

The legal/ lawful costs for both the Armed Services and Councils will make them more bankrupt than they are now. 70% of Council cashflow approximately goes on LOBO loan payments after Banks did the fraudulent deals 2000 onward.

Are we beginning to get the picture of what has been built around us in the last ten to twenty years based on infiltration of our infrastructure that you and i have paid for TWICE!!

Well here is the real Damning Evidence. They installed 5G that can be used in "Attack Mode" in Residential and Business Areas near you. UK wide:

Mark Steele - Huawei whistle blower - Confirms 5G Is A Weapon.. Attack Mode?

The Ability To Turn You To Dust? - The Kill Grid - Confirmed.

386,000 Watts Power - 86dBm - 5G/ 4G LTE

Enough Power to Turn Buildings & Humans to DUST!!

This is after the global/ US Bankruptcy in 1933 and we became the payment mechanism through our estimated life's work value.

Now they want better ROI? - Cant Pay - Switch You Off!!

You Have Been Living In A Slave Master Relationship

Its Time For A Change. Its A Psychological War.

26.9.20 Gareth Icke. Trafalgar Square.

Things will become clearer by reading the links below.


Start Here

Help is on its Way - Project Jonesy Puts The Spotlight on Rogue UK Councilors and Public Servants that have collaborated and completed projects and work for the EU - UN Banking Cabal and Common Purpose.

This has been part of the Silent Weapons Quiet Wars (SWQW) strategy to take down the UK economy.

Read the Silent Weapons documents to comprehend what's been done by infiltrators to the UK economy.

Harry Beckhough Recalls His Experiences and Career. Pre & Post WW2.

Nigel Understood What Was Taking Place

Brexit - The Departure.

A Call To Action for UK Businesses


Nice One Nigel..

For Those Who Crossed Over to "The Dark Side"

Were Coming For You!!

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