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Senior Australian Police Officer - Craig Backman - Outs The Cabal - Govt's - Compliance - Stupidity.

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Victorian police senior constable Craig Backman resigns and joins the crowd and delivers epic message to his fellow police officers.

“You are all in a unique position to make history…

Or We Suffer The Consequences of Tyranny?

You need to make a decision… you get to make a decision as to whether or not you want to go down history as the private army of a mad man… (Premier Dan Andrew’s),

or you can be remembered as the people’s protectors that stood up and prevented this tyranny!” Time for some righteous anger.

This Goes for all Police Constables in the Commonwealth. England & Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and the World. You took an oath.

UK Professionals - Medical - Legal - Lawful..

Draw The Link Between 5G - Vaxx Bio Weapons & Why 5G Technicians Cant Be Vaccinated? Quote "This Is How We Are Doing Population Control Right Now!!"

The Correlation Between 5G & COVid Symptoms

The 100 Resilient Cities Were A Dead Give Away To Controlled Councils - Manchester Was One Of 100 - Bought - Controlled - Leveraged - Cabal Operated..

The Cabal Covering Their Tracks

The gods are wise, but do not know of the site which you seek.

Please double-check that you are using the correct url. If so, make sure it matches your dashboard's custom domain settings, and try again in 2 minutes.

Dr Hillary Jones - Cabal Spokesman - Richard Madeley - Easily Lead Plonker


Since April 2021, increased cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported in the United States after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna), particularly in adolescents and young adults. There has not been a similar reporting pattern observed after receipt of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine (Johnson & Johnson).

In most cases, patients who presented for medical care have responded well to medications and rest and had prompt improvement of symptoms. Reported cases have occurred predominantly in male adolescents and young adults 16 years of age and older.

Onset was typically within several days after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination, and cases have occurred more often after the second dose than the first dose. CDC and its partners are investigating these reports of myocarditis and pericarditis following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination.

CDC continues to recommend COVID-19 vaccination for everyone 12 years of age and older given the risk of COVID-19 illness and related, possibly severe complications, such as long-term health problems, hospitalization, and even death.

  1. To act in self-defense (personal, family, innocents, nation).

  2. To own and carry weapons for self-defense and for ensuring that the nation remains free.

  3. To own and control private property (land, money, personal items, intellectual property, etc.)

  4. To earn a living and keep the fruit of one’s labor.

  5. To freely migrate within the country or to leave the country.

  6. To worship—or not worship—God in the manner one chooses.

  7. To associate with—or disassociate from—any person or group.

  8. To express any idea through print, voice, banner, or other media.

  9. To be secure in one’s home, papers, and person against unwarranted searches and seizures (privacy).

  10. To be advised of the charges, in the event of arrest.

  11. To have a judge determine if the accused should be held for trial or for punishment.

  12. To be tried by a jury of one’s peers and face one’s accuser, in the event of being charged with a crime.

  13. To be tried by a jury of one’s peers, in the event of a suit in which the disputed amount is substantive.

  14. To suffer no cruel or unusual punishment.

  15. To establish, monitor, control, and petition our servant government to help secure the above rights.

  16. To abolish said government, when it becomes destructive of these rights.

Anna De Buisseret:


Common Law Courts Great Britain & International

The Common Law Court exists in cyberspace for the benefit of men and women and will safeguard their inherent and inalienable rights under Common Law.

The Common Law Court is founded on natural law principles therefore it stands as the highest court in the land.

Decisions at the Common Law Court will be reached by using a trial by jury process, where a unanimous vote will establish a lawful remedy.

The existence of the Common Law Court is due to the demand from men and women to obtain a lawful remedy.

In the main, the statutory process does not safeguard the rights of men and woman, tending to protect vested interests instead of the Public Interest.

All men and woman can access the Common Law Court by recording their birth details on this site.

Any man or women having suffered a wrong and having sufficient evidence to confirm this, can convene a Common Law Court. In raising a lawful claim against the wrongdoer, the man or woman will be representing the people.

Where land and property is recorded under Common Law, any claims that were previously attached to the title would be void under the statutory process. The Common Law Court reserves the right for a man, a woman or the individual in control, to raise a claim against the title. Any claims made against a title will have to be verified by a jury of the Common Law Court before being attached.

All decisions of the Common Law Court are unimpeachable and cannot be altered by a statutory court. The only way that a decision from the Common Law Court may be challenged, is if there is evidence of jury tampering, or it can be established that crucial evidence was withheld from the jury, during the trial.

If a statutory court were to interfere, fail to recognise or abide by a Common Law Court decision, this may be a denial of Common Law Rights and a Common Law crime against the people.

© CLC Copyright 2017 OTH / 17 / 1

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