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The Ferguson File - Whitty Leaks - Vallance - Permanent Lockdown - You've Been Played

So all the pieces are now available for those that can think critically and haven't been totally brainwashed by the media and Boris' & the G7 - Cabal bollocks.

The Tavistock - Mockingbird - MindSpace Game is at last revealed

We have the Greater Manchester Police attempting to close down the evidence building file agreed with their own staff for their own benefit amongst others and now this little ditty.

This is possibly the last chance to wake from your slumber if you want to survive what follows. Avoid Swabs - Vaccination and 5G or EMF emissions - The Combination will kill you and they will say its COVid - Those protecting the Cabals plan are COVid Criminals

Spoof or No Spoof - It fits the modelling to date and intelligence from a number of sources? Follow the narrative, watch the media. Do The Opposite Of What They Say!!

Boris & The Vallance Killer Team Expand on SPI - M - O

Following The Data - Future Prosecution

GMP Intelligence Gathering File - We The People

Download PDF

There Are No Variants - There Is No Virus - No Test - No Contagion

There Is A Plan To Destroy Humanity By Those Who are Half Human - Half Something Else - Boris Knows Who They Are - So Do Many Other MP's..


Marks Slide Deck Oldham 2019

Barrie Trower Report 2009

Half Man - Half Nephilim - Delivered By - The Hidden Hand - Following The Business Rules of The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion.

We Shal Build Jerusalem - In England's Green & Pleasant Land

We The People

In Defence of The Realm

Case Studies

Who Is Liz - Read The Documents - Make Your Own Mind Up

Lawful Documents

Buy The Book - Be The Resistance - PAG

Our Friends Wearing Chequerborading on their Uniforms Are Influenced By

Not So Freemasons & Common Purpose.

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