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The Ferguson File - Whitty Leaks - Vallance - Permanent Lockdown - You've Been Played

So all the pieces are now available for those that can think critically and haven't been totally brainwashed by the media and Boris' & the G7 - Cabal bollocks.

This is possibly the last chance to wake from your slumber if you want to survive what follows. Avoid Swabs - Vaccination and 5G or EMF emissions - The Combination will kill you and they will say its COVid - Those protecting the Cabals plan are COVid Criminals

Spoof or No Spoof - It fits the modelling to date and intelligence from a number of sources? Follow the narrative, watch the media. Do The Opposite Of What They Say!!

Boris & The Vallance Killer Team Expand on SPI - M - O

Following The Data - Future Prosecution

There Is A Plan To Destroy Humanity By Those Who are Half Human - Half Something Else - Boris Knows Who They Are - So Do Many Other MP's..

Half Man - Half Nephilim - Delivered By - The Hidden Hand - Following The Business Rules of The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion.

We Shal Build Jerusalem - In England's Green & Pleasant Land

Buy The Book - Be The Resistance - PAG

Our Friends Wearing Chequerborading on their Uniforms Are Influenced By

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