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Whistleblowers Day - 24.04.21 - COVid Criminals - App Launch

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

We eventually agreed that as I am NOT currently a victim as I have NOT been vaccinated with what i have described as a Bio Weapon based on Subject Matter Expert Analysis at this point in time GMP will NOT give a CRIME REPORT NUMBER but GMP will start collating evidence under reference INT/06A1/0004545/21 an intelligence gathering report reference number.

Please share the App and let us Witness, Record and Report the Asymmetrical Warfare taken against the Men, Women and Children of The UK.

The intelligence i have informed them is linked to the Application and will be updated and linked with key documents and footage recommended for the agreed creation of intelligence gathering folder. INT/06A1/0004545/21

Once we have enough data a Crime Report Number will be awarded for Police Criminal Investigation.

The Prima Facie Evidence we are now compiling towards a future Crime Number and we are bringing the intelligence together to support our statements.

Agenda 21/ 2030 - The Great Reset - Democide - Genocide - Theft.

Claire Edwards ex United Nations translator and trainer

Abbotswood Nursing Home - Isle of Man - Democide - Flu Vaccine induced deaths.

Courtenay - Why Virus' Don't Exist - No Virus - Things Get Tricky

Were Going To Provide A Huge Price For This - Who Can Explain Where A Highly Infectious Strain Comes From. Those Injected Have Lost Their Immune Systems.

21st April 2021

FAO Case Intelligence gathering exercise File ID INT/06A1/0004545/21.

I have attached prima facie evidence of the human rights crime in breach of the Nurenberg code of the known experimental medical intervention (COVID 19) Vaccine to combat the weaponized SARS COV 2 Pandemic.

This is for the well developed agenda of the Great Reset to take down all private wealth and business. See Dr Judy Mikovits affidavit.

This well planned asymmetrical warfare on a civilian population orchestrated by foreign and domestic terrorists against Great Britain is a Political agenda and is in breach of the 2000 - 2006 Terrorism acts.

See IOPC case upheld against Northumbria Police for Non investigation into the 5G weaponized network installed by Gateshead Council linked to HUAWEI owned companies and partners which has still not been investigated.

See Trower declaration on microwave radiation developments as weapons.

The COVID 19 (Vaccination) is contaminated with Nano metal particles called Nano Lipids a biological hazard as shown in the science to cause sterilization adverse reactions including Death.

The Nano metals Tungsten and Aluminium will be targeted in the planned third wave by the 5G network to cause death and sickness to those who have had the COVID 19 vaccine administered.

It is expected that 30% of admissions to A&E will be those who have had the single shot and the remaining 70% who have had the double shot which we are now told stand at ten million.

The UK Governments own Death and injury figures currently stand at serious reactions 626087 with 847 Dead.

We have evidence that a number of serious injuries and deaths are not currently reported on the system by family members of deceased and injured.

Two criminal investigations have only just started in Italy with a great many to follow. We have all of the substantive scientific evidence of the contamination and research archived as well as the Court records of the falsified evidence proving misconduct in public office that was submitted by Gateshead Council as they attempted to cover up this Genocide agenda.

Mark Steele CTO Saveusnow

Prima Facie Evidence

Doctors, Nurses - Blow The Whistle - SAVE LIVES

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