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We Win This - 14 Years For Public Officers Failing Their Duties. Police - Politicians - Councillors

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Police Report:

Former President Of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg: 5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE

The mainstream media is connecting all challenges of the safety of 5G with the Coronavirus. This is so they are able to shift your attention from the fact that Radio Frequency technology, like your phones, cause flu-like symptoms in the body, which trigger viruses that attempt to destroy the radiation. Only you can decide what to believe. It is the Governments, billionaires and big businesses who want to nanny every aspect of your life, and now they have you under house arrest... All we're doing is trying to give you the truth, whilst they are taking away your jobs, freedom and forcing you into undignified situations. All that needs be done to create a virus hoax is to increase the usage of Wireless devices and the densification of phone masts. In the past two years SARS ratings on phones have increased whilst antenna densification has occurred in all towns and cities. If we don't stand up for our freedom now, we won't be able to decide whether or not our children or loved ones will be sacrificed for the 'greater good' by the Care Workers you're all clapping for now through a new RNA vaccine that will mess with your cells.

Its Difficult To Keep Telling A Lie. Something Usually Slips - Here's The UK Gaff of the CV19 Hoax Pandemic By Sir Patrick Vallance



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