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No Virus - No Test - No Contagion - A Revisit - A Question

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

This Is The Great Reset - The Theft of Your Assets - Learn To Protect Them Well.

If You Have Been Genetically Changed Does Your Immune System Work?

Consider What Makes You Human?

HOW TO USE THE COVid Criminals App - Bottom of Page.

No Virus… To date 46 countries have failed to isolate or purify ‘SARS-CoV-2’ with the Isle of Man DHSC being the latest; under a Freedom of Information (reference number 1646813) reply of 18th February 2021 sent to Steven-William: Gardner. Koch’s postulates are used to prove that a ‘virus’ in reality causes any disease. But like all ‘viruses’ SARS-CoV-2 has failed true scientific proofs. The additional Rivers Postulates of ‘virus’ filterability and ‘virus’ re-isolation have also not been met for any claimed ‘SARS-CoV-2 infection’.

Please Read the "The Contagion Myth" - Dr Thomas Cowan

Dr Thomas Cowan

COVid Criminals - Isle of Man - courtenay - adam - lawrence

The Police & Their Controllers Don't

Like The Hoax & Fraud Being Exposed

Two Isle of Man Police Women Constables -

Called - Sent By The Cabal -

They Didn't like the leaflet - Isle of Man War Criminals..

No Virus - No Test - No Contagion - COVid Criminals

Translated into German

For Our International Colleagues

They Should Never Have Given Us The Internet -

COVid Criminals Identified.. Internationally

Tom Barnett

Dr Mengele - I Presume

Educational Piece - Book Delivery To IoM Police..

IoM Police Receiving Educational Pieces From Courtenay - In Peace & Love.


5G Hypoxemia - Hypoxia - Confirmed.

Ex Vodafone Whistleblower - 5G - Hypoxemia - Hypoxia - CoronaVirus - The Link

The 5G Corona Virus Correlation Report

A Government Lie Only Will Only Be Effective For A Limited Period -

The Truth Will Set You - We The People Free

Under Construction currently and continuously being improved. The aim is to easily identify those who hold positions of public office and have committed varying degrees of TREASON and in some cases High TREASON. This includes UK Constabularies and Chief Constables.

Be it malfeasance, misfeasance , non feasance. Many MP's have been identified by their voting pattern in continuing the Genocide Democide programme of the eugenicists funding the COVid 1984 / 5G Kill Grid combination.

The Police are complicit as proven 22.12.2020 by totally ignoring the lawful process of We The People : 22.12.2020

The aim is to reduce humanity to the Cabals Satanic Agenda 2030 figures of 15 Million in the UK by 2025. Those who are left they hope will be controlled and manipulated as are the MP's, Chief Constables and above leveraged or compromised through financial or Paedophile connections such as the Epstein, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles - Saville connection.

1. Use the Telephone to call your MP and tell them you now know they are a COVid Criminal. Mike Kane MP (Sale East & Wythenshawe) is a COVid Criminal being fully aware of the 5G/ Bio Weapon initiative also the Massive Bank Fraud against the UK as of 16.10.2018. To check the MP voting pattern select the Blue Card Symbol second row, second in, that links to the recent CoronaVirus Act 2020 (Review of Temporary Provisions) (No 2) vote : This also links to your MP's contact details, email, contact numbers etc.

2. Email FAO : Martin Hewitt National Police Chief Constables Freedom of Information Officer and report the COVid Criminal get a crime report number. Use a template if you wish similar to the Manchester mass crime report 20.03.2021.

Modify for your area. We The People selected Martin Hewitt after Ian Hopkins GMP was early retired 18.12.2020 and the FOI Officer Sherry Traquair chose not to be responsible and accountable to the UK population.

3. Single arrow right - top row - links to this post. Evidence - No Virus - No Test - No Contagion. Thanks to the sterling work of courtenay - adam - lawrence: and all those who have shouted from the rooftops from day one. This includes Mark Steele - Please review Marks slide deck and tireless outing of Criminal Council activity in Gateshead covered up by Northumbria Police.

The box symbol links to the Reiner Fuellmich Global Class Action - Reiner's work covers the major Deutsch Bank Fraud and Volkswagon emission scandals.

The infinity symbol links to We The People. The UK expose of Government TREASON and Criminal Cover ups by UK Police Forces with Case studies and the ability to sign off or recognise we have a criminal force working on behalf of a TREASONOUS Government.

The Play button will change with relevant content as things progress. Thanks

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12 abr 2021

Instead of asking for name and number, ask to see their Warrant Card: if it is not produced then they are impersonating a Police Constable and can be arrested.

Me gusta
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