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Andy Burnham - If Masks Work - EU/ NWO Puppet

Commencement of the UK Councils NOTICE & Billing Cycle - Property Action Group.

You are being radiated and having your bio data recorded without permission. This is being used against you through a series of counterfeit acts and statutes that are written in DOG LATIN, BABYLONIAN BABBLE and implemented through Admiralty, Roman and Talmudic Laws through the UK Court system.. When its Re-opened?

Welcome to Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars. Commenced 2nd June 1953.

Read the linked posts to see through the lies be they LEGAL - or Lawful, Note Lawful, LEGAL is for FICTIONS lawful is for Men and Women.

Key Points.

1. Misuse of The Covid 19 Test. Wrong Application.

2. 170,000 die every year in the UK. ONS Statistics.

3. Covid 19 test introduced 1993 - NOT DESIGNED TO BE USED FOR MICRO ORGANISMS

4. 80-90% Test Positive For Covid 19 - 99% of these people HAVE NO SYMPTOMS?

5. Track & Trace is therefore USELESS!!

6. Track and Trace Covid 19 gives a false positive result.

7. Millions of Corona Viruses exist in our body - Its NOT an Issue. We build Resilience - Immunity. Its NOT a Killing Disease.

8. Government Propaganda has to be stopped... Misleading Figures for Deaths.

9. People recorded dying from Covid 19 according to Govt in reality are dying from other causes.

10. More are dying From Cancer.. Our Govt KNOW THIS THEY ARE THE CAUSE

NOTE: This is enough evidence to convince people that wearing masks is NOT protective for transmission of viruses from one person to another..

Sovereignty Loss & Your Data Capture is The Agenda then.. Population Cull:

They include a ban on residents being allowed to:

  • Socialise in groups of up to two households indoors.

  • Stay overnight at somebody else’s home

  • Book close contact services such as facials and brow or eyelash treatments

  • Visit bowling alleys, roller rinks, soft play centre's and casinos

'We will continue to do everything we can' - This is A Lie

Mr Burnham is asked about the long-term effects of the pandemic.

He predicts a rise in homelessness because of job losses. - By Design

“In GM we will continue to do everything we can,” he says.

(As he is told by his puppet masters in EU)

He talks about A Bed Every Night continuing to be funded locally but says more is needed to make sure the good work of the Everyone In policy is continued.

Mr Burnham is also asked about Bury AFC - formed after Bury FC went bust - having their first game.

The mayor wishes them ‘good luck’ and says it was terrible what happened to Bury.

Bury AFC were in the clear once but unfortunately didn't follow the guidelines placed with them for remaining in positive cash flow..

He says reports of ‘asset stripping’ at Wigan FC - in a similar position - are disgraceful.

UK SME's and residents have been asset stripped for decades evidence with APPG Banking all part of Silent Weapons Quiet Wars. Burnham knows this as was in on the resilient city initiative.. Web site taken down as they are backing off and trying to hide the evidence.


Mr Burham says he wants to end on a positive note and takes the opportunity to congratulate cricketer Jimmy Anderson on reaching 600 wickets for England.

AKA: Lets get off the subject while i make my getaway

“Jimmy you are one of our own. Something for us all to celebrate in these challenging times,” the Mayor says.


The challenging times are created by local political leaders such as Andy Burnham and bent politicians like Mike Kane MP Sale East & Wythenshawe working for Foreign Interests. This is TREASON!!

That concludes the press conference.

Introducing Project Jones'y to Follow: They Dont Like it Up Emm!!

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