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Andy Burnham - Talks - Bollox N Burgers - SAGE - GOVT -Puppet - Parsa v Google - WIP. Part 1.

Andy Burnham Talks Bollox, to The Good People of Stockport. Whose talking SH1te now Andy Burnham? SAGE influenced - A UK GOVT PUPPET to the 33rd Degree.

SAGE - Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies. MI5 - DVD G02 - German Intelligence.

Work Out of Westminster & UK Police Force Chief Constables & Above via Freemasons.

When you are bought, a Masonic practitioner or a member of a Secret Society or Common Purpose trained, held to account by the CROWN ESTATE - Rothschild Cabal you are more of a slave than the majority.

The pay may be good, but with the credit comes the responsibility and accountability.

You have to answer to the people eventually. Sustainable Cities - Agenda 21/ 2030?

Andy Burnham has access to INT/06A1/0004545/21 - He Knows..

Agenda 21 - Human Settlement Zones - Sustainable Development - GMCA -

100 ResilientCities Web Site Taken Down:

Vaxx content plus 5G EMF/ EMW = DEATH

On penalty of perjury in your personal capacity - Is there a virus Andy Burnham?

Burnham Talks SH1T3 - Bollox N Burgers. Part 1.

Andy Burnham has access to INT/06A1/0004545/21 - He Knows..

What Happens When Everyone Realises They Have Taken A UK Government &

GMCA Endorsed Bio Weapon? Andy Burnham

Squid Game - Germany - Manchester Police Come Out In Force - WHY?

Stephen Watson or Steven Watson has no intention of cleaning up the GMP - GMCA mess. The Masonic Trusts will not allow it to happen. Possibly? All Constabulary's will be the same.

They have another agenda and Stephen - Steven it appears is compromised. As all Chief Constables - Proven during We The People - Project Elephant

Germany & Austria Now Know About Dr Andreas Noack

HOLOCAUST 2 - 1933 - 1945

The Holocaust (1933–1945) was the systematic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million European Jews by the Nazi German regime and its allies and collaborators. When they came to power in Germany, the Nazis did not immediately start to carry out mass murder.

However, they quickly began using the government to target and exclude Jews from German society. Among other anti-Semitic measures, the Nazi German regime enacted discriminatory laws and organized violence.

The Nazis falsely accused Jews of causing Germany’s social, economic, political, and cultural problems. Some Germans were receptive to these Nazi claims. Germany’s instability under the Weimar Republic (1918–1933), the fear of communism, and the economic shocks of the Great Depression also made many Germans more open to Nazi ideas, including anti-Semitism.

These new forms included economic, nationalist, and racial anti-Semitism. Throughout German-controlled and aligned territories, the persecution of Jews took a variety of forms:

 Legal discrimination

 Public identification and exclusion; propaganda, boycotts of businesses, public humiliation, and obligatory markings (such as the Jewish star badge worn as an armband or on clothing).

 Organized violence. (including violent riots).

 Physical Displacement; forced emigration, resettlement

 Internment; where many died from starvation, disease, and other inhumane conditions.  Widespread theft and plunder. The confiscation of property, personal belongings, and valuables The Nazi “Final Solution was the deliberate and systematic mass murder of European Jews.

TO: Boris Johnson PM, Mark Drakeford FM, Arlene Isabel Foster PC, Chris Whitty CMO, Dr Frank Atherton CMO, Dr Michael McBridge CMO, Sajid Javid MP and Eluned Morgan MS AND: JCVI, MHRA, children’s commissioners and children’s charities WE are writing as professionals, medics, academics, parents, grandparents, and members of the public to express our grave concerns about suggestions to extend the covid-19 vaccination programme to children. We believe this to be a hasty step that is uncalled for under present circumstances..

Parsa V Google et al. I rest my case.

Injuries include blindness, blood clots, paralysis, MS, and stillbirths and they are being censored by media and big tech. MORE than 1400 deaths have been reported following covid injections in the UK. Official Government data also reveals one million serious adverse reactions to the experimental shots. These include blindness, blood clots, paralysis, MS and stillbirths. Yet it is generally accepted that reporting to the Government’s Yellow Card scheme reflects less than 10% of actual incidences and could be as low as 1%. It is a terrifying toll only months after injections began, yet the appalling statistics are being ignored by Government ministers, the NHS, Big Pharma and the mainstream media - despite calls for the experimental trials to be halted immediately. People are scared to speak out within the NHS, government and media, because they have been threatened with their jobs and reputations

Analysis of A Breakaway Civilization

Sound Familiar - Gas Chambers - To Jabs - Same Big Pharma -

Corporate Entities - Same Families - Rothschild Cabal

Systemic Bank Fraud Endorsed By UK GOVT. Boris.. Again for good measure.

Andy Burnham - I Dont Support Vaccine Passports?

  • Digital & Physical Health Certificate

  • Secure, Geo Locked, Venue Codes with Consumer Incentives

  • Test Agnostic Platform

  • Secure 'True-Contact' Track, Trace & Notification System

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified

  • IASME Consortium GDPR Certified

  • Cyber Smart - Cyber Essentials Certified

  • Data protection policy

  • Made In Britain Member

  • Listed GOV.UK general covid-19 test provider

  • Listed GOV.UK test-to-release provider

Cyrus A Parsa - Speaks.. We Are All Part of This Universe - We All Count -

We Are The Same No Matter What We Do. Listen.

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