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Greenland Theory - Roman Britain - Londinium - 5G - WTP

The Connections brought together by a great piece of work by David Chase Taylor.

Rome - Babylon - never disappeared or fell, it went Underground (Off Radar) and morphed into the various methods of slavery, control and manipulative techniques within Central and Local Governments we witness today.

We only need to look at the architecture around Banks and places from where power has been delivered to recognise the Greek - Roman influence, its symbols and our own Journey throughout time as humanity.

But when we look at the master plan of these warped individuals and our modern day so called conspiracy theories. The following questions are raised?

Why is there NO 5G in Greenland?

Is there a Greenland - COVid 1984 - Vaccination Programme? It would appear so?

5G plus Nano Particulates in vaccines is the death combo? Join the dots. Enjoy David Chase Taylors Masterpiece, an excellent document.

Roman Britain. Londinium - Greenland.

Sovereignty Lost - Financial Risk - Health Risk Analysis.

Follow the Money - Your Bond Has Value and They Want You Dead.. It Pays Them!!

Disclaimer: This form is provided to facilitate effective family due diligence, communication, and planning. It is essential that each person and each family take responsibility to identify and access the information they believe to be most relevant to their situation and decisions, and take responsibility to assess and manage their individual and collective risk as they believe best.

Though marketed as “vaccinations,” the Covid-19 mRNA injections are experimental gene therapy. Vaccine developers openly describe the neverbefore-authorized mRNA approach as a means of “programming a person’s cells”1 or, using Moderna’s terminology, deploying new “software.”2 In prior research, mRNA injections have displayed an intrinsic inflammatory component that has made it difficult to establish an “acceptable” risk/benefit profile.3

The Vatican - Washington DC - Londinium - The City

Justinian Deception - Romley Stuart - Magna Carta 1215 -


We The People

Deception to The Masses.

The Kabbalah - Cabal

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