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The 5G Mast Sale Moor - The Bigger Picture - Part 5

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

What you see here has been removed from a corpse. It is suspended in formaldehyde and can be detected in bodies when being prepared by a mortician or undertaker on behalf of the bereaved family.

It can be controlled by remote signals or 5G modulated frequencies and signal phase shifting techniques. 5G Is also a beamforming weapon so will keep those who survive in check.

We The People Party 2 Case Study 5:

The idea by those behind the nano bot/ Graphene based toxic substance is they control you. Slavery.

When taken from the body it appears to be a blood clot and this has caused the heart related diseases and similar health issues in those jabbed to die after the injection

Once jabbed you are owned (Their Admiralty, Talmudic, Babylonian, Roman World or Jurisdiction) by the operation whose product is in you (COVID 19) and your Government subscribed to this as they are leveraged, corrupt or bought or individually over a barrel.

I'm informed the device is a self assembling hydra parasite, Aluminium Sulphite adjuvant and Graphene Oxide creates it ! Courtenay at Justice for Jabbed has the evidence.

This is in turn is linked to the Control of You or AKA - Human Augmentation/ Chimera/ Synthetic/ Transhuman agenda. Refer to Sale Moor 5G Mast 1,2,3,4. and other posts for supporting data.

This is medical rape and uninformed consent. Its attempted genocide and murder.

It was done with the blessing of the controlled UK Government and you were mis informed. A massive fraud and psyop on the people of the UK has taken place.

Youve been lied to and now we have to attempt to prevent any more harm and bring the culprits and those who have assisted to justice through Common Law, Natural Law, Constitutional Law.

Content doing the rounds..

Extract: Everybody that is not still in denial knows that the toxic and noxious Covid 19 Gene 'therapy' is causing sudden aggressive cancers as well as 'sudden death syndrome' and heart failure..... this means that the current 1000 per week excess mortality rate can only increase...

COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy advice

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advice is that pregnant women are more at risk of severe COVID-19 disease. The autumn booster is being offered to those at high risk of the complications from COVID-19 infection, who may not have been boosted for a few months. This includes pregnant women.

As the number of COVID-19 infections increases over the winter, this booster should help to reduce your risk of being admitted to hospital with COVID-19. The booster may also provide some protection against mild Omicron infection but such protection does not last for long.

You are being offered the vaccine to protect you and your baby. In the UK, over 250,000 women have been vaccinated before giving birth, mainly with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

These vaccines have a good safety profile in pregnant women and their babies. COVID-19 vaccines do not contain live coronavirus and cannot infect a pregnant woman or her unborn baby in the womb.

How Bad is My Batch

Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines.

The statutory system is corrupt, rotten to the core, proven time over finally 16.10.18 and October to November 2020. See We The People and Everyright web sites.

A little technical background:

Look Familiar? US Patent 6017302A

In human subjects, sensory resonances can be excited by subliminal atmospheric acoustic pulses that are tuned to the resonance frequency. The 1/2 Hz sensory resonance affects the autonomic nervous system and may cause relaxation, drowsiness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency near 1/2 Hz used.

The effects of the 2.5 Hz resonance include slowing of certain cortical processes, sleepiness, and disorientation. For these effects to occur, the acoustic intensity must lie in a certain deeply subliminal range.

Suitable apparatus consists of a portable battery-powered source of weak subaudio acoustic radiation. The method and apparatus can be used by the general public as an aid to relaxation, sleep, or sexual arousal, and clinically for the control and perhaps treatment of insomnia, tremors, epileptic seizures, and anxiety disorders.

There is further application as a nonlethal weapon that can be used in law enforcement standoff situations, for causing drowsiness and disorientation in targeted subjects. It is then preferable to use venting acoustic monopoles in the form of a device that inhales and exhales air with sub audio frequency.

5G-CoronaVirus- Correlation - Claire Edwards - Ex UN Translator
Download PDF • 1.90MB

Microwave Telecomm's Sub GHz, 5G and 60GHz technologies are being rolled out - installed during the lock down. In the US They Have Installed Small Cells in Schools.

Freedom Of Information Requests To UK Local Councils.

Required By All. Protect Your Children!

Light-25-Web-Final (1)
Download PDF • 23.84MB

P17 - 4G Mast - 20% of live stock Dead in 2 months. France

Download PDF • 181KB

Confirmed 5G Is A Weapon

Liz Truss Zionist Agenda Implementation

Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion

1980's Movie Clip - Does The Situation Look Familiar.

Lucjan Domanski - Court Docs-3.1.22 (6)
Download PDF • 3.09MB

Follow The Thread - Connect The Dots - 9/11 - 7/7 - 22.5.17 - Manchester.

The Truth Will Set You Free - Follow The Luc Domanski Thread.

UK Doctors Conference 15th October, Westminster

Time : 0730 hours to 1900 hours .


Exciting conference for UK Doctors and all health professionals in the heart of London.


This full day event includes lunch, an evening reception and plenty of opportunities to connect with the speakers and fellow professionals.


Our speakers include: Dr Steve James, Dr Tina Peers, Dr David Cartland, Dr Mohammad Adil, Dr Tony Hinton, Dr Julia Wilkens, Dr Anna Forbes, Dr Peter Chan, Dr Sarah Myhill, Dr Ros Jones, Dr Lawrie  and Dr Stephan Becker.


During the course of the day the packed programme will cover the future of the NHS, Integrative health approaches, the health consequences of the C-19 chapter, challenges to medical ethics and empowering people to take responsibility for their health.


Book your tickets here or contact Caroline Horsford at for further information.

Best regards

Dr Mohammad I Adil


Chairman :

World Doctors Alliance( WDA)

Global Nishtarian Organisation( GNO)

All Pakistan Medical Association U.K. ( APMAUK)

UK Doctors Conference Poster
Download PDF • 1.72MB

Dr Mohammad Adil - World Doctors Alliance

The ‘covid’ jab for people is just the latest mass marketed poison passed off as a ‘safe’ and ‘effective vaccine’.

It is no such thing, unless ‘effective’ is defined as the ability to kill and maim many millions, via fear based, injections.

This fraud is based on mass media delusion and will soon be seen to be the greatest crime in history.

World Health Organisation. WHO. Injected Africans with over 50 million smallpox vaccines and on May 11, 1987, an article under this heading was published in the British The Times: "The smallpox vaccine caused a wave of infections with the AIDS virus."

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