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What Is Really Behind - The COVID 19 Bio weapon - VAXX

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

The transhuman agenda wide open - whats in the shot?

Genetic Signalling or Your New Remote Control - 5G.

Synthetic RNA/ DNA. Its like a computer programme. - Elon Musk




Go to DARPA's Website and READ For YOURSELF ALL ABOUT Obama's 'BRAIN INITIATIVE' Which Was Activated by a False Flag in 2013 and Funded in 2016 - The Corona SARS CoVid -19 Plandemic Inoculation - A So-called Vaccine To Inject the World's Human Population With Graphene Oxide for Transhumanism, AI, Human Connection to the Super Computer for Contact Tracing and Population Control!


Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm - This publication is designed to set the foundation for more detailed research and development on human augmentation.

From: Ministry of DefencePublished13 May 2021

  • We’re entering the era of the “Internet of Bodies”: collecting our physical data via a range of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn.

  • The result is a huge amount of health-related data that could improve human wellbeing around the world, and prove crucial in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • But a number of risks and challenges must be addressed to realize the potential of this technology, from privacy issues to practical hurdles.

In the special wards of Shanghai’s Public Health Clinical Center, nurses use smart thermometers to check the temperatures of COVID-19 patients.

Each person’s temperature is recorded with a sensor, reducing the risk of infection through contact, and the data is sent to an observation dashboard.

An abnormal result triggers an alert to medical staff, who can then intervene promptly. The gathered data also allows medics to analyse trends over time.

The smart thermometers are designed by VivaLNK, a Silicon-Valley based startup, and are a powerful example of the many digital products and services that are revolutionizing healthcare. After the Internet of Things, which transformed the way we live, travel and work by connecting everyday objects to the Internet, it’s now time for the Internet of Bodies.

This means collecting our physical data via devices that can be implanted, swallowed or simply worn, generating huge amounts of health-related information.

Some of these solutions, such as fitness trackers, are an extension of the Internet of Things. But because the Internet of Bodies centres on the human body and health, it also raises its own specific set of opportunities and challenges, from privacy issues to legal and ethical questions.

Justice For Jabbed in Action Isle of Man:

Sargent Steve Gadman of the private corporation that is Manx Constabulary approached me around 8.45am on Thursday 29/9/2022, (i had not summoned him) but he wished to ask "was i / others going to continue with this" (i assume he meant standing on the streets in 'HPV Vaccine Deaths' yellow vests and 'Justice for Jabbed' blue T shirts". i said we didn't know, asking had he seen: 'Sacrificial Virgins' three 15 minute films (only one of which is still available due to censorship). He said he hadn't seen the film, (nor read any of the five books on HPV vaccine carnage?). We just need to wait for the Manx post HPV jab harms to surface including causing cancer. Truth be known.

Do quote me: courtenay-adam-lawrence, @ 10.35am on Thursday 29/9/2022.

Executive Order 14067 - US as in UK CBDC Bank of England - SUNAK

Executive Order 14067—Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets

March 09, 2022

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. Advances in digital and distributed ledger technology for financial services have led to dramatic growth in markets for digital assets, with profound implications for the protection of consumers, investors, and businesses, including data privacy and security; financial stability and systemic risk; crime; national security; the ability to exercise human rights; financial inclusion and equity; and energy demand and climate change. In November 2021, non-state issued digital assets reached a combined market capitalization of $3 trillion, up from approximately $14 billion in early November 2016. Monetary authorities globally are also exploring, and in some cases introducing, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Are You A Transhuman? Synthetic, Chimera -

Polyethelene Glycol - Hydrogel - Internet of Bodies.

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