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Third Wave - Sick - Hospitalised - Die - Common Law - 5G - SWQW

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Once again start to join the dots but do your own research in the right places. This wont be Government web sites or the BBC or Mainstream Media it will be the alternative media.

This is an asymmetrical attack on the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand et al by those who control Governments from The City of London, The Vatican and Washington DC. Call them illuminati, hidden hand, Freemasons, Common Purpose, Davos Clique, Silicon Valley Billionaires controlling Amazon, Facebook, Big Pharma.

Welcome to The Fourth Reich. Boris "De Pfeffel" Johnson style...

Dr Sherry Tenpenny - UK - SAGE . When the third wave comes people double jabbed will become Sick - Hospitalised or Die.

This is an act of war, a take down that MP's were aware of 16.10.18 and did nothing about.' They are manipulated and controlled by The City. We The People Case Study 4

This is a Biblical Event - Old Testament Noah's Great Flood was water, the next great flood is Electro Magnetic Waves - EMW's. 5G plus Nano Particulates = Sickness Hospitalisation or Death.

The Variants Were - Are In The Vaccines - Jabs - Bio Weapons

Premeditated Murder - Genocide..Democide - If You Fail To Report A Crime.

Distinction between acts and omissions

An action is the physical participation in any given situation. It is obvious to most people that if they perform an illegal action they will be punished. An illegal action would include physical violence, theft, robbery, rape, murder or manslaughter. These are the types of offences that would be automatically punishable under the law of England and Wales.

The confusion arises where someone fails to act in a particular situation. These failures to act are called omissions.

An example to draw the distinction is as follows:

If a person in hospital is being kept alive by a drip feed, the physical withdrawal of this feed would amount to an illegal action; the failure to replace an empty drip feed would amount to a failure to act, an omission.

The general rule

Generally there is no criminal liability for failing to act in a certain situation. If there was to be wholesale liability for omission we would be forced to alter our actions and plans to prevent outcomes that occur as a result of someone else’s behaviour.

The exceptions

Duty imposed by law

In certain circumstances, the law expressly states that a failure to act will result in criminal liability. This constitutes an exception to the general rule that there is no liability for a failure to act.

For example, under s 6 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, it is a criminal offence for a person, without reasonable excuse, to fail to provide a specimen of breath when required to do so.

Where there is a special relationship between the victim and the person who failed to act, criminal liability can arise as a result of the omission. Examples of the kinds of relationships that presume a voluntary presumption of responsibility to care for or protect the other person includes:

  • parent and child;

  • husband and wife;

  • doctor and patient.

A doctor will only be criminally liable for an omission if the omission constituted a breach of duty, which is to act in the patient’s best interests.

All these types of relationship impose some kind of duty on each other, and therefore a failure to act and prevent an action which leads to one of the parties becoming a victim of some sort of crime will attach a criminal liability.

Common Law - From A Police Constable On Duty.

The Jabbing of School Children - Nuremberg Code Breech

The Greater Manchester Police Fraud and Genocide Cover Up - INT/06A1/0004545/21

The Three Hour Vaccine - Bio Weapon

A Christmas Rainbow Baby? Waves, Floods, The 5G Wave. They Tell You Before They Carry Out The Event.

Consider this. If the Queen isnt who she states she is. No acts or statutes have passed Royal Assent since 2.6 1953 and possibly for many years before. See We The People.

Therefore as the CoronaVirus Act 2020 - CV2020, is written in DOG LATIN and she isnt "Royal" CV2020 is a counterfeit document.. The whole operation or criminal syndicate starts to fall apart.

Liz 2 - Philip Was Silent Weapons Quiet Wars:- SWQW- The Link To The Nazi Party In Germany & Westminster.. DVD-G02 Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst - For Those Who The War Never Ends.. G02 - Cabinet Office - Government - Judiciary - Police.

  1. The Crown isnt The Coronation Crown - The Coronation Crown Is NOT On The Queens Head.

  2. The Queen's Head is in a Box. Anything in a Box is a DEAD Entity..

4 Patent ambiguity - Styles and Titles:

Harry Beckhough interview

The Great Reset Was The Intention From The Outset. - Carney is illuminati

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