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Died Suddenly - Net Zero - 5G - Your DEAD. Next.

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

The New Film - Died Suddenly - Pfizer Reports - GB News. Councils & Cestui Que Vie Trusts - We Die - They Get Paid.. Terrorism Act 2000-2006 Section 15 Applies.

Is the Trustee (UK Government & Agents -Western - Trafford - GMCA - Burnham et al)

Performing As Required or Do They Have Another Agenda?

The Great Reset. You Will Own Nothing & Be Happy. Klaus Schwab strapline.

World Economic Forum - The 4th Reich.. DVD G02. Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst - For Those Who The War Never Ends.

G01 - Dachau - G02 Whitehall & UK Police Forces hence: :

The Vaxx Doesnt impact Ashke - NAZI's - They Have Different DNA - Dr Lee Remmit. (2) (2) (24)
Download PDF • 4.39MB

Search Sale Moor on for related posts. 1-6. Then the rest. 5G. Vaxx Killer Combo. Get it. Net Zero springs to mind.

Who Is The Carbon? What Are They Looking To Reduce - Watch, Learn, Piece Together What's Is Taking Place and the Connection Between Councils - Government - Police & The Health Sector Bosses - NHS.

Comment from Piers Corbyn:-

"#Covid19-Alarm has replaced #ClimateChange-Alarm as the main propaganda tool of the megaRich and Mega Corporations for their declared New Normal / New World Order world plunder and control scheming to end democracy and destroy Rights.

This Dictatorship is what Trafford and Every GMCA - UK WEF Aligned Council has signed up to.

GB NEWS - Neil Oliver. A Good Overview of Where We Stand.

No one has isolated SARS COV 2

Mike Kane Email - Case Reference MK40041
Download PDF • 1.32MB
email-Chief Constables (2)
Download PDF • 713KB

Profile of A Psychopath

BA, University of Oxford; MSc in Economics, London School of Economics. 1997, Special Adviser to UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, on economic and social policy areas, including taxation, public spending and labour market issues; 2005, Labour MP for Doncaster North; Chair, Council of Economic Advisers, Treasury, advising Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, on long-term policy development; 2006-07, Minister for the Third Sector, supporting charities, social enterprises and community organizations; Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor, Duchy of Lancaster, responsible for helping to coordinate work across government, and leading efforts to tackle social exclusion, support Third Sector and coordinate improvement of public services; currently, Minister, Department of Energy and Climate Change and Chancellor, Duchy of Lancaster; Leader of the Labour Party. 2003, Visiting Lecturer, Department of Government, Harvard University and Visiting Scholar, Center for European Studies.

COVID 19 VACCINES Rapid Progression T Cell Lymphoma Following BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccinefmed-08
Download • 1.51MB
COVID 19 VACCINES REDUCE CD8 T Cells and Increase Monocyte
Download PDF • 3.76MB

Evidence of self assembling technology in the covid injections BETWEEN July 2021 and August 2022, material evidence of undisclosed ingredients in the covid-19 ‘vaccines’ was made public by independent researchers across the world (see box). This is more than enough evidence, from at least 26 separate researchers/research teams in 16 different countries across five continents, to highlight the clear and present danger that the world’s population has been lied to regarding the contents of the covid-19 shot.

Full Paper PDF..

Light-27-Web-Final1 (1)
Download PDF • 14.93MB


Extract The Masonic Oath: Further, that I will not give the Grand Hailing Sign of distress except in case of the most imminent danger, in a just and lawful Lodge, or for the benefit of instruction; and if ever I should see it given, or hear the words accompanying it, by a worthy brother in distress,

UK Population 15 Million from 66 Million.

They Took a Few Bits Out Recently As It Kind of Gave The Net Zero Game Away..

Died Suddenly - The Movie: Watch Comprehend. Act. NO MORE JABS - DETOX!!

COVID 19 VACCINES REDUCE CD8 T Cells and Increase Monocyte (1)
Download PDF • 3.76MB

.com-Government reports prove COVID Vaccination is causing Hundreds of Thousand

.com-Secret Government Data amp Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm COVID Vac

Died Suddenly - The Movie: Watch Comprehend. Act. NO MORE JABS - DETOX!!

.com-A guide on how to remove Graphene the substance being transmitted from the

You Are The Carbon - Get It.. NET ZERO IS YOU - DEAGEL.COM

Andrew Western - Trafford Borough Council - Ed Miliband.

Are Committed To The UK Government Genocide & Depopulation Agenda By 2030. ish.

They will achieve this through 5G and Deployment of Bio Weapons Called COVid 19 Injections. Delivered by Agents of the WEF, UN, EU protected by Chief Constables Across England and Wales. Who are Freemasons, Common Purpose and DVD G02 members.

A quarter of a million smart meters made by a firm linked to the Chinese government have been installed in UK homes, sparking fears Beijing could ‘destroy’ the national grid.

At least three major UK energy suppliers have struck deals with Kaifa Technology UK, which is controlled by a subsidiary of the state-owned China Electronics Corporation (CEC).

There are already 250,000 Kaifa meters in homes across the country, according to industry figures obtained by the Daily Mail.

Get vaccinated and help reduce Covid-19 cases in Trafford? Really..

Trafford residents are being asked to help stop the spread of Covid-19 as rates continue to rise across the North West.

As part of Greater Manchester, Trafford is an area of enhanced response because of the high rates of the Covid-19 Delta variant.

Trafford Council is stepping up its response and is urging residents over the age of 18 to play their part by booking their vaccination appointment. On Friday 18 June the national vaccination programme opened to all adults in England.

Eleanor Roaf, director of public health at Trafford Council, said: “Sadly we are now seeing an increase in Covid-19 hospitalisations. It is vital that people say yes to their vaccine for their own health and that of their friends and family. Vaccination will help us bring this pandemic to an end.”

Trafford Council’s community engagement team, funded by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, are leading efforts to drive up vaccine uptake across the borough. They deploy 50 volunteers to vaccination clinics every week and have engaged with the borough’s homeless population to provide bespoke vaccination support.

In response to lower vaccine uptake in the north of Trafford, the team has worked to increase community confidence in the vaccine. This work has included conversations with residents about the vaccine in their own language. In recent months the north of the borough has experienced Trafford’s largest percentage rise in vaccine uptake.

Councillor Mike Freeman, executive member for Covid-19 recovery and reform, said: “I am so proud of the incredible work being done to engage our communities. It is making a real difference, allowing our residents to be heard and shaping our future work. Sadly Covid-19 is not over and we all need to chip in to bring the rates down. We know our residents have already done so much but we all need to do another push to get this variant under control.”

To book your vaccination visit or call 119.

There are vaccination clinics in Sale, Timperley, Urmston and Partington on the booking system. If you don’t see Trafford sites listed, refresh the page or visit the website later – new appointment slots are added each day. You may also get a letter, text or email from your doctor giving you details of other local clinics.

The borough’s Community Champions scheme is open for applications. If you like to keep up to date with the latest Covid-19 developments and advice become a Champion today. Visit to find out more and to apply. Posted on Friday 18th June 2021.

Milibands mate Mike Kane MP covered up the UK Economy Facts behind an Internal Job in taking down the UK economy. Your MPs and Councils are complicit assisted by Chief Constable Stephen Watson. They are all on the payroll. No one has isolated SARS COV 2

There was No Virus - There Is NO Such Thing As A Virus. Its a Rockefeller WHO Construct.

Case Study 4 We The People 2020:

Covid Criminals - Courtenay Heading
Download PDF • 246KB

Methylene Blue - Magnesium Oxide - Nano Clay - A Distiller..

Structured Water.. The Vortexer.


Methylene blue (MB), as the first fully man-made medicine, has a wide range of clinical applications. Apart from its well-known applications in surgical staining, malaria, and methemoglobinemia, the anti-oxidative properties of MB recently brought new attention to this century-old drug. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been observed in systematic aging that affects many different tissues, including the brain and skin. This leads to increaseding oxidative stress and results in downstream phenotypes under age-related conditions. MB can bypass Complex I/III activity in mitochondria and diminish oxidative stress to some degree. This review summarizes the recent studies on the applications of MB in treating age-related conditions, including neurodegeneration, memory loss, skin aging, and a premature aging disease, progeria.

Keywords: methylene blue; mitochondria; neurodegeneration; progeria; skin aging.

Lucjan Domanski - Court Docs-3.1.22 (1) (3)
Download PDF • 3.09MB

Luc Domanski Case - The Satanic Connection Linking Your Council - Trafford and any other Net Zero Agenda 21 - 2030 - Sustainability Touting Leeches To The True

Net Zero Agenda.

Its A Play On Alchemy - Ancient Magik

As Above So Below.. Baphomet. Templars - Freemasons 33 degrees.

Lucjan Domanski - Court Docs-3.1.22 (1) (3)
Download PDF • 3.09MB

As Above So Below - Solve Coagula

Note: The Four Fingers - Two Down Two Up - As Above - So Below.

Alchemy, a form of speculative thought that, among other aims, tried to transform base metals such as lead or copper into silver or gold and to discover a cure for disease and a way of extending life.



This is not a housing development for new home owners. It's a detention centre in the UK under construction should you step out of line?

The New Concentration Camp.

A Refresher:

5G - Human Augmentation - Transhumanism - Synthetics - Chimeras

Do Your Own Research

How Many Communications Systems Can you Place in Attack Mode!!

Most That Are 5G - LED - Fitted Across UK Councils: We The People - Case Study 5

5G Is Surveillance With The Ability To Kill - Attack Mode -

It Does What It Says On The Control Platform.

Page 172 - Operation Pinprick..

That force is Lucifer, the All Seeing Eye, the Eye of Horus, the Satanic cult..

That is 33rd Degree Freemasonry.

The Masonic Oath

I, ___________, of my own free will and accord, in the presence of Almighty God, and this Worshipful Lodge, erected to Him and dedicated to the holy St. John, do hereby and hereon most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, that I will hail, ever conceal, and never reveal any of the secrets, arts, parts, point or points, of the Master Mason's Degree, to any person or persons whomsoever, except that it be a true and lawful brother of this Degree, or in a regularly constituted Lodge of Master Masons, nor unto him, or them, until by strict trial, due examination, or lawful information, I shall have found him, or them, as lawfully entitled to the same as I am myself. I furthermore promise and swear, that I will stand to and abide by all laws, rules, and regulations of the Master Masons Degree, and of the Lodge of which I may hereafter become a member, as far as the same shall come to my knowledge; and that I will ever maintain and support the Constitution, laws, and edicts of the Grand Lodge under which the same shall be holden.

Further, that I will acknowledge and obey all due signs and summons sent to me from a Master Masons' Lodge, or given me by a brother of that Degree, if within the length of my cable tow. Further, that I will always aid and assist all poor, distressed, worthy Master Masons, their widows and orphans, knowing them to be such, as far as their necessities may require, and my ability permit, without material injury to myself and family.

Further, that I will keep a worthy brother Master Mason's secrets inviolable, when communicated to and received by me as such, murder and treason excepted.

Further, that I will not aid, nor be present at, the initiation, passing, or raising of a woman, an old man in his dotage, a young man in his nonage, an atheist, a madman, or fool, knowing them to be such.

Further, that I will not sit in a Lodge of Clandestine-made Masons, nor converse on the subject of Masonry with a clandestine-made Mason, nor one who has been expelled or suspended from a Lodge, while under that sentence, knowing him or them to be such.

Further, I will not cheat, wrong, nor defraud a Master Masons' Lodge, nor a brother of this Degree, knowingly, nor supplant him in any of his laudable undertakings, but will give him due and timely notice, that he may ward off all danger.

Further, that I will not knowingly strike a brother Master Mason, or otherwise do him personal violence in anger, except in the necessary defence of my family or property.

Further, that I will not have illegal carnal intercourse with a Master Mason's wife, his mother, sister, or daughter knowing them to be such, nor suffer the same to be done by others, if in my power to prevent.

Further, that I will not give the Grand Masonic word, in any other manner or form than that in which I shall receive it, and then in a low breath.

Further, that I will not give the Grand Hailing Sign of distress except in case of the most imminent danger, in a just and lawful Lodge, or for the benefit of instruction; and if ever I should see it given, or hear the words accompanying it, by a worthy brother in distress,

I will fly to his relief, if there is a greater probability of saving his life than losing my own.

All this I most solemnly, sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steady resolution to perform the same, without any hesitation, myself, under no less penalty than that of having my body severed in two, my bowels taken from thence and burned to ashes, the ashes scattered before the four winds of heaven, that no more remembrance might be had of so vile and wicked a wretch as I would be, should I ever, knowingly, violate this my Master Mason's obligation.

So help me God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of the same.

The Eye of Horus - The All Seeing Eye - The Pineal Gland Cross Section.

You Are More Powerful Than You Know - De Calcification Is The Answer..

The ancient Egyptian god Horus was a sky deity, and many Egyptian texts say that Horus's right eye was the sun and his left eye the moon.[2]

The solar eye and lunar eye were sometimes equated with the red and white crown of Egypt, respectively.[3] Some texts treat the Eye of Horus seemingly interchangeably with the Eye of Ra,[4] which in other contexts is an extension of the power of the sun god Ra and is often personified as a goddess.[5]

The Egyptologist Richard H. Wilkinson believes the two eyes of Horus gradually became distinguished as the lunar Eye of Horus and the solar Eye of Ra.[6] Other Egyptologists, however, argue that no text clearly equates the eyes of Horus with the sun and moon until the New Kingdom (c. 1550–1070 BC);[7] Rolf Krauss argues that the Eye of Horus originally represented Venus as the morning star and evening star and only later became equated with the moon.[8]

Katja Goebs argues that the myths surrounding the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra are based around the same mytheme, or core element of a myth, and that "rather than postulating a single, original myth of one cosmic body, which was then merged with others, it might be more fruitful to think in terms of a (flexible) myth based on the structural relationship of an Object that is missing, or located far from its owner". In the myths surrounding the Eye of Ra, the goddess flees Ra and is brought back by another deity. In the case of the Eye of Horus, the eye is usually missing because of Horus's conflict with his arch-rival, the god Set, in their struggle for the kingship of Egypt after the death of Horus's father Osiris.[9]

Dr Lee Merritt - 5G - Vaxx - Bio Weapons - Supported By Trafford Council - GMCA etc..

Egyptians - Amalek - Mathew - Mark - Luke - John - Peter - Paul ..........

Do These Names Sound Familiar? - Could The English Be The Original Egyptians?

Do Your Own Research - You Will Find The Results Interesting.

The Protocols - With Notes
Download PDF • 313KB

Steel Your Breath 60GHz - Cesium 137 - Graphene Oxide - Chemtrails - Water Supply.

There is No Point They Will Stop. Twin Towers 911/ 7/7, Manchester Bomb 22.5.2017.

LED Lighting - 5G Is The Tesla Death Ray.

Mark Steele Oldham 2019 Deck
Download PDF • 6.83MB


Eleanor Roaf & Councillor Joanne Harding Committed to Suicide Reduction In Borough.

How Are They Doing This. Net Zero ? As Andrew Western. Bought By WEF, EU, UN, UK.Gov. The Hidden Hand: Elders of Zion.

Eleanor Roaf & TMBC Have Not Responded? I Wonder Why? (2) (2) (24)
Download PDF • 4.39MB

The Impact of Graphene & 5G Electro Magnetic Waves - The First Wave Was Noahs Flood The Next will be The Electro Magnetic Wave - Follow The Luc Domanski Exhibit.

Lucjan Domanski - Court Docs-3.1.22 (6) (2)
Download PDF • 3.09MB


Among the many fission product nuclides, cesium 137 deserves attention because it possesses a unique combination of physical properties and historical notoriety. It is readily produced in large quantities during fission, has an intermediate half-life, decays by high-energy pathways, and is chemically reactive and highly soluble.

These physical properties have made cesium 137 a dangerous legacy of major nuclear accidents such as Chernobyl, but it has also caused relatively small incidents as well.

The Dangers of Cesium-137

Cesium-137 is among the most common heavy fission products. Fission of various isotopes of thorium, uranium, and plutonium all yield about 6% cesium-137.

[1] This high fission yield results in an abundance of cesium-137 in spent nuclear fuel, as well as in regions contaminated by fission byproducts after nuclear accidents.

[2] The large quantities of cesium-137 produced during fission events pose a persistent hazard. Its half-life of about 30 years is long enough that objects and regions contaminated by cesium-137 remain dangerous to humans for a generation or more, but it is short enough to ensure that even relatively small quantities of cesium-137 release dangerous doses of radiation (its specific radioactivity is 3.2 × 1012 Bq/g). [2-4]

Graphene oxide (GO) is a graphite derivative commonly used in research and industrial applications. Graphene oxide is a valuable and common derivative of graphite with many uses. It has a range of properties and potential applications. These include its ability to act as an antioxidant, its use as a filter for liquids, and its conductivity. A 2016 study by the Royal Society of Chemistry found that over 1,300 papers were published on graphene oxide between 2010 and 2015. This article explores some of the effects of graphene oxide on human health, drugs containing graphene oxide, and more!

Graphene oxide (GO) is an excellent example of an emerging nanomaterial with unique properties. It is derived from graphite and, like graphite, has the same structure; however, it differs in that its carbon atoms are covalently bound as an O-C-O chain instead of being ionically bound as in graphite. The covalent bonds give graphene oxide more stability than graphite and make it easier to work with for researchers. Graphene oxide has many uses because of its unique properties. This article will explore a comprehensive list of drugs containing graphene oxide. These drugs serve as potential applications for this nanomaterial and how further research can improve them.

Graphene oxide is a derivative of graphene that has many properties. It can be used as an additive in various types of drugs. Graphene oxide has a high surface area and can act as a carrier for other substances. This means that it is helpful as an additive in various drugs because it helps increase their effectiveness while reducing the risk of side effects. Graphene oxide is commonly used in pain relief medication, such as gels, patches, and sprays. The following is a list of some common drugs that contain graphene oxide.

THOTH - With the Eye of Horus..

An Egg Farmers Perspective:

The Synagogue of SATAN. The Learned Elders of ZION. The Protocols

The Protocols - With Notes
Download PDF • 313KB

The News - Get It - Western Asymmetrical Warfare: You Are The Target

Your Being Played By The UK Government - Trafford Council - GMCA - AKA World Economic Forum AKA Fourth Reich. EU, UN, AshkeNazis.. Ashke - NAZI's.. Get It?

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