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London 29.05.21 - In Video and Stills - 100,000's - Massive Event. Fuellmich - UK Column Interview

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Get The Message - London - The City - They Had To Park The Bus - Its Now In Your Face - UK You've Been Tragically Scammed by a 5th Column Treasonous Government acting on behalf of The United Nations - World Economic Forum - European Union - Ashke NAZI Jews - Chinese Communist Party. - Infiltrators - Read to get a wider perspective

We The People - Part 1:

UK Chief Constables Cover Up:

The 5G Switch on will impact those who have been swabbed or Injected and these will be the new variants promoted incorrectly by Boris, Hancock, Vallance, Whitty, Ferguson


You Can Stick Your Poison Vaccine Up Your Arse

The Month The Tide Turned - May 29th 2021

Gathering In Trafalgar After Moved From Parliament Square -

The numbers kept increasing - 40,000 - 70, 000 last year Trafalgar SQ.

Hundreds of Thousands 2021

On The Move

2012 - Stanley Johnson:

Why Britain needs a population policy:

When the hubbub has died down, and some temporary fixes have (hopefully) been found to end the current crisis, I hope the Prime Minister – and in particular the Number 10 Policy Unit, where Camilla Cavendish is in charge (having succeeded my son, Jo, the MP for Orpington, who is now Minister for the Universities and Science) – will revisit a fundamental issue that has been on the back burner for far too long: namely, the issue of ‘population’.

There are at least two important questions. Should Britain itself have a population policy? And are we doing enough to help developing countries curb their own population growth?

UK Population Forecast 2025 on Deagel 15 Million - No longer available in this format.

Phil The Greek On Overpopulation

The Highwire - Del Bigtree - Review of The Headlines & Media Lies

They are Not Laughing Now!!

No Escaping This Piece of News BBC.. The numbers were overwhelming.

This Was Genocide - Confirmed By NHS Board Member - Brian Gerrish - Reiner Fuellmich Interview.

This is Calculated - Precise - Murder With Intent - Genocide

Confirmed by NHS Board Members.

859,481 UK Adverse Reactions - 1213 Deaths - UK Govt MHRA Yellow Card.

The Plan Orchestrated in the UK

Started in US Labs - Tested in Wuhan

The Rothschild - Satanic - Agenda.

By.. Hancock, Whitty, Ferguson, Vallance..

Funded By Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Orchestrated By

New Nuremberg Trial - 1.9.21 - Isle - of - Man

An Independent Court of The People

Delivered By Freemasons - Common Purpose - Local Government -

Bent Business Owners - Profit Oriented

The Passport Is The New Star

The Masonic Symbol - Is The New Give Away

Intelligence Gathering File :

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