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Programming - The Elites Tool of Choice - Turn Off TV.

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Tele Tubbies - Sesame Street - Go Full On - Social Engineering.. Tavistock - Mockingbird

Goebbels Style - Be The Resistance.

Turn Off The TV. Start to Take Action.

Mark Christopher informs you of what has taken place.

Extreme programming by Government and the NHS in the UK.

In the US this is now moving to the children on TV.

Social Engineering is at the heart of controlling you.

This is Silent Weapons Quiet Wars.

If you've been jabbed you fell for a marketing campaign based on fear.

Don't let this happen to your children.

You and your family have been controlled by the media. Its time to break free or watch and read from alternative sources. The Light Newspaper as an example.

The New Auschwitz is your own environment.

The Gas Chamber is 5G EMF's - Take Your Breath Away

The Catalyst is the Jab. You cannot catch a Virus.

There is no such thing as a Virus. Dr Stefan Lanka explains

There is no such thing as Contagion. Its a myth. Dr Thomas Cowan explains

The PCR Test doesn't work its not designed to identify its designed to amplify everything.

Disease enters the body from an out-fection. A trigger. This is 5G as per the plan.

Tavistock - The Story

1. Slogans - 2. Fragmentation - Civil Unrest - 3. Fantasy Trip - DARPA COMPUTER PROGRAMMING - See Hydrogel Swab Report.

These Guys were replaced 2020 by Boris, Hancock, Witty, Vallance, Ferguson and now Javid. In the US - The Biden Regime - France - Macron.

Fatalities Approaching 1500 People - BBC Disagree - MHRA - Yellow Card Scam

Lisa Shaw - BBC Employee - Her Husband Speaks -

He Doesn't Want It To Happen To Others

The Government Has A Different Agenda - Agenda 21 - 2030 -

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars


Mark Christopher

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