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The 5G Mast Sale Moor - The Bigger Picture - Part 2

Please refer to previous posts whilst we build the picture in your minds. This is an unlawful installation. Its also illegal - in both jurisdictions - legal and lawful. It will cause harm, loss and injury to men, women and children.

Its been sited less than 300 meters from St Annes Primary School. Under 20 feet from where people work - IMO Car Wash - and where people visit on a daily basis.

Its in close proximity to peoples homes and work.

The Walton Park, Northenden Road Installation was stopped. There is a bigger picture that they aren't telling you about for good reason. If you knew you would string them up.

Lawfully. We can protect the public when the Police and existing statutory system wont.

The UK Government department passed the new installation, Why? Reading and understanding the full implications of who controls Government can be further understood by watching David Straight explain the Cestui Que Vie Trust in the Bigger Picture post. also knowing of the hidden hand behind Governments. All Parties.

The sky above this mast looks as wed expect. The picture below is Sale Moor 3.10.22 0800 hours. Start looking up and questioning - Why Are They Polluting The Air? What is the impact on me and my family? Who Benefits from the outcome?

These planes are operated by the United Nations - UN who work with the WEF. World Economic Forum. Strap line - You Will Own Nothing and be happy?

Run a magnet over you car and see what the magnets pick up. This enters your respiratory system. Its done by design - malicious intent.

More can be learned at

Dane Wigington produced the film The Dimming: Watch:

The metals that are in the air and we breath many were also placed in the COVID 19 injections that many have taken alongside Graphene Hydroxide. Malicious intent.

The Graphene Hydroxide forms a self assembly antennae in your body under instruction from electro magnetic waves connects you to the Internet of Bodies.

Were you informed of this? Did you consent or are we looking at medical battery with intention to do harm? Again malicious intent.

Refer to the materials in posts:

This is happening the world over. See a brief view of the Australian experience:

Can you trust your Government, Can you Trust your MP - NO. Mike Kane MP is bought by the WEF and his ability to work on behalf of the people has proven on successive occasions to fall short of what is required in the Nolan Principals of Public Life.

Mike Kane is copied on this and all communications as he knew 16.10.2018 that the WEF, UN, UK Government, UK Councils Are Controlled by external forces taking the Country down. This I had proven from the financial perspective in Portcullis House invited in by MP Kevin Hollinrake. Addressed Mike Kane MP - Exec Director Heather Buchanan APPG Banking. Case Studies 1, 4 and 5 Part 2 We-The-People 2020.

Lucjan Domanski - Court Docs-3.1.22 (6) (2)
Download PDF • 3.09MB

Mike Kane talks a good line as does Stephen Watson. They Cannot Deliver As MPs or Police acting under Oath.

All Chief Constables Are Controlled By Freemasons, Common Purpose or Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst - Rough translation - For Those Who The War Never Ends. They are Controlled & Corrupt by Foreign Powers.

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution - The Fourth Reich.

This is the same for the Chief Constable Stephen Watson who has failed to act on behalf of the public interest.

We The People 2020 Proved that every Chief Constable in England & Wales


Harry BeckHough - John Bingley - The Secret Vault

European Law - Guilty Till Proven Innocent

Common Law - Innocent Till Proven Guilty

UK POPULATION FORECAST - 15 Million by 2025 - - This data is no longer there. They took it down and stripped out the population statistics. Why - Covid Criminals.

Boris DePfeffel - Is An Ashke-NAZI Jew. His job was to usher in the New World Order - World Economic Forum - Davos Clique Initiative - Slavery of Man/ Woman - Kind - UK.

If youve had a COVID - 19 Jab Its Highly Likely You've Been Chipped With A Nano Bot or Microwave Responsive Antennae. For Microwave - 5G. Medical Battery!!

They Can Control You Through - Human Augmentation Techniques.

Lucjan Domanski - Court Docs-3.1.22 (6) (2)
Download PDF • 3.09MB

Liz Truss is the Same WEF - Rishi Sunak - The Same - We've Been Played. Its Now Time To Act.



Chris Sky - A Canadian with a Great Attitude - More Required UK:

Update - File 13. These Are View Points Only To Give An Indication of What Could Happen.

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