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Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Lets start with a Video - a few LEGAL - lawful - business rules

from Alan of Salisbury.

Remember - Legal Requires : Consent of (FICTION-PERSONS) -

Lawful is Constitutional Law.

Lets also Look At TREASON - Magistrates Courts & Councils.

Sovereignty Loss = Human Rights Violations - See Tom Ross'

TRAFFORD Flyer at foot of Page.

The Kuramoto Model - In Words & Video - Explained Within This Piece.

They will try to teach Police to do more of the same?

This is Unlawful - Illegal - These Acts will Accrue Penalties. Master Invoice follows.

Kuramoto Model - Synchronicity

In the most popular version of the Kuramoto model, each of the oscillators is considered to have its own intrinsic natural frequency and each is coupled equally to all other oscillators.

Surprisingly, this fully nonlinear model can be solved exactly in the limit of infinite oscillators, N→ ∞;[12] alternatively, using self-consistency arguments one may obtain steady-state solutions of the order parameter.[13]

The most popular form of the model has the following governing equations:

where the system is composed of N limit-cycle oscillators, with phases and coupling constant K.

Trafford the answers are in your pack 3-6-9 : 2-4-8 - Read & Understand.

Read Putting A Stopper in The Bottle of DEATH & The OCCULT for reference. Soon.

Lets review: Admiralty - Babylonian - Talmudic - Roman - LAW - Land Air Water

Alan of Salisbury

Following the successful sale of his first book ‘putting a stopper in the bottle of death and the occult’ he continues his deep dive writing exploring the hidden nature of words and now numbers..

Presenter: gary fraughen

As we pass through this presentation, I will explain the basics of many, many things of magic but you will have to put in some effort. Like a gladiator, I want to entertain, yet many things written are so serious in nature that you will need to look up things when I ask you to. As when visiting the doctor, you will have to do your bit too! This occult medication comes with exercise.

So, before you continue listening, go find the following: Your Passport, Your Birth Certificate, A Utility Bill


Blacks Law. Bouviers Law. Comprehend..

Mike Kane MP - Wants My Address?

26.03.23-Mike Kane - TRAFFORD - Response
Download PDF • 2.66MB

March 2023 - Rothschild - Banking Collapse

230321 - List of banks collapsing (1)
Download PDF • 70KB

Ukraine: National Bank of Ukraine

United Arab Emirates: Central Bank of United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom: Bank of England

United States: Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Download PDF • 2.24MB

Prisons - Magistrates Courts - Revenue Generation - For The Failing - Banking Mafia - Rothschilds - UK Govt - WEF - EU - UN - Cabal etc.. Sir Toshi Explains..


1. Is this Manchester, Trafford or “Your Town/ City”Magistrates Court?

2. Where Does This Court Get its Authority From?

3. Does this Court Get Its Authority From The Magistrates Act 1980?

4. Is the Equity of the Court British Pound Sterling? (GBP) Yes or No?

5. If Yes to the Magistrates Act 1980. UK Sovereignty was surrendered unlawfully in on 1st January 1973. FCO-30-1048 - Read Comprehend.

6. The Monarch was deposed and given a false title by design.

7. Any Act or Statute since 1st January 1973 is therefore TREASON.

8. Does this court use Pounds Sterling (GBP) as Equity?

9. As per Bretton Woods Agreement 1944. GBP was backed by the US Dollar. 1.7.44 – 22.7.44

10. In 1944 the US Dollar was backed by Gold. Fact

11. 15th August 1971 Richard Nixon took the Dollar off the Gold Standard. Fact.

12. The US Dollar is or was printed by the Federal Reserve. Yes or No?

13. The Federal Reserve is a non-Government independent US Corporation. With Shareholders/

14. Are you paid in GBP? Yes/ No?

15. Anyone paid in GBP cannot uphold a Judicial Oath. Fact. Liz 2 wasnt Queen - Charles isnt King. WEF Agent. Never will be King.

16. They are paid and economically motivated by a FOREIGN FEDERAL CORPORATE US based.

17. Your Authority is taken from the Magistrates Act 1980?

18. Id recommend looking at We-The-People 16.10.20 - Date

a. Refer also to Alfreds Law :

b. Refer to :

c. Read & Comprehend the impact of 1688 Declaration of Rights

d. Read & Comprehend the impact of 1688/9 Bill of Rights

e. Read & Comprehend the 1700 Act of Settlement

f. Read & Comprehend the 1795 TREASON Act

g. Read & Comprehend Article 61 Magna Carta 1215

h. Read & Comprehend the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666.

19. All Magistrates Courts are illegal and Unlawful 1795 TREASON Act.

20. Magistrates Act 1980: Links to applicable legislation. Read We The People for Context:

f. David Straight: Cestui Que Vie Trust:

4 Now, Israel, hear the decrees and laws I am about to teach you. Follow them so that you may live and may go in and take possession of the land the Lord, the God of your ancestors, is giving you.

4.2 Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the Lord your God that I give you.

3 You saw with your own eyes what the Lord did at Baal Peor. The Lord your God destroyed from among you everyone who followed the Baal of Peor, 4 but all of you who held fast to the Lord your God are still alive today.

The Contract Became Null & Void - Liz 2 Was a 3/16 Rothschild. Her Dad was Winston Churchill hence State Funeral For Winston. 2.6.1953 Coronation day commenced the attack on the British people and the world. Silent Weapons Quiet Wars. 2.6.53 - Date

"As long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours, that we are fighting, but for freedom - for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself".

Robert The Bruce & The Scottish Barons 1320.

bruce - robert : TODAY.

Private - By Appointment Only - Terms & Conditions now with TRAFFORD - GMP - HM Treasury, HMRC, GMCA - All Statutory Organisations - Invoice to follow.

Schedule of Rates HMRC-HM Treasury-Local-Central Govt. Chief Constables
Download PDF • 454KB

MP's For Hire - Hancock £10K Day- Brady £60K pa- Kwarteng £8-10K Day.. Offers? 5G Nano Antennae - WEF - Genocide - MI5


Remember TRAFFORD MBC men and women have allowed 5G Masts to be installed across the Trafford area ( The Kill Grid when mixed with Graphene Oxide in the Vaxxes) also supported the deployment of a Bio Weapon for a Virus that didnt exist till the WHO, UN, EU, WEF, UK GOVERNMENT declared war against living men and women. The Law of War. While this has been going on they are open to offers from overseas FICTICIOUS CORPORATIONS. Hancock - £10K - Per Day to £60K Per Annum - Brady.

There is NO - SUCH -THING - AS - A - VIRUS. You Were Jabbed - Chipped

Ready For NET ZERO

Trafford went along with NET ZERO policies and expect not to be questioned?

RACI follows - Responsibility, Accountability, Consulted, Informed.

Covid Criminals - Courtenay Heading
Download PDF • 246KB
Misconduct in public office
Download PDF • 105KB
FOIR -Trafford Borough Council - WDTK-v0.17-MASTER (2) (3)
Download PDF • 3.51MB
Download PDF • 4KB
5G-Correlation Report
Download • 1.90MB
Download PDF • 181KB
DOD_Law_of_War_Manual (2)
Download PDF • 12.00MB
Download PDF • 1.66MB
08.03.23-Writ-Mandamus-James-Parry (1)
Download PDF • 3.13MB
James Parry-Others-11.03.23
Download PDF • 530KB
Lucjan Domanski - Court Docs-3.1.22 (6) (2)
Download PDF • 3.09MB

Latest response:

TRAFFORD are still NOT signing or autographing letters and sending them to a DEAD entity. Therefore they need to be put straight on a few matters.

There is No Contract..


Lawful - Constitutional Law - Men & Women.

Download PDF • 2.24MB

Trafford Want To Do The Same - WEF CRIMINALS

Parsa v. Google
Download PDF • 1.67MB
Download PDF • 631KB

TRAFFORD OFFICERS forgot they are PUBLIC - SERVANTS - FIRST and have a DUTY - OF - CARE for all those who paid them to date.

Double dipping as they proceeded.. Paying Twice for something NOT received.

Billing for Police services - NOT received since at least 2006 if NOT before?

National Insurance: WE-74-81-18-B

NHS: 4761517204

Birth Certificate: DK422177


There will be others but this will do for now?


Social Value Charter_Appendix 1
Download PDF • 224KB

2. Health and Wellbeing.

3. Children and Young People.

6. Green and Connected.

7. Targeted Support.

Who Claims I Property - Christopher James - A Warrior Calls :

FABIAN - Socialism - Trudeau - Gates - GPT Messages- Generative Pre Training Transformer Messages - Biden Laptop - BBC - Open AI - Rangy Case - Mark Wyshnia

David Hawkins - GPT Inventor - How AI - 5G - Jab - Bio Weapons - Link Together

Further Case Management T20210293 WYSCHNA Mark34NA0936519NDAVMCPSDefendant to be produced **List before HHJ Lucking KC if possible**. PLEASE TRY AND KEEP (SEE NOTES)

The Nicola Bulley Case:


32 Metronome Synchronisation - Tik Tok Trafford - Explanation below.

EXPLANATORY NOTE In regard to these evidences, we feel compelled to point out that once a corrupted legislature penetrated English (and subsequently British) culture, the experience of the common people and therefore everyday life, a gradual erosion began, which has led us to where we are today.

When we speak of any legislation instituted since 1686, we are referencing unlawfully enacted statutes. Nevertheless, we recognise that once enshrined in our shared experiences they did indeed become our “new normal”. See how it works? It always works like that. Before the fact, the propaganda thus stated has sponsors who wish it to become the norm. Once the treasonous act is successfully carried out and integrated into the commonly accepted experience, it does indeed become the “new normal”.

The Government’s ‘Behavioural Insights Team’ are well aware of this, as are all folk sufficiently aware of the psychological school of Behaviourism as Applied Psychology. Hence, we here offer clarifying caveat that all articles of statute post-1686 are tainted by the supplanting of the principle of English Common Law, with the “new normal” trajectory of ‘parliamentary sovereignty’ and the like – which began the process of transferring the sovereignty of the people once again into the hands of those who are servants called to serve the public, not masters manipulating the system toward personal and corporate interests.

We do not say that all human intentions were bad since 1686, or that certain statutes did not offer certain beneficial protections to the people. But we acknowledge that in referencing all such developments, we remain fundamentally cognisant that the treasonous transfer of powers which have ultimately led to Coronavirus Act 2020 insanity are the cause of our collective malaise at this point in history. This is why the lawful notice served on 20/10/2020 to all Chief Constables states the unequivocal case.

Our evidences here presented, also evidence that statute ‘laws’ since 1686, having been in place for 334 years, have become a part of how the modern legalese system now functions. Culturally and socially, change in such a period has inevitably been immense.

We acknowledge that as flawed human beings we operate within flawed systems and often use flawed methods: Often because there is no existing alternative.

We cannot roll back 334 years, but we must acknowledge the fact that once the transfer of powers steps even fractionally, either to the left or the right from the principle of the people as sovereign, then we are already at peril.

Just so, all the current talk of a “new normal” proves such, in extremely sinister form.


Glastonbury Council Confirm They Work For The People:

Agenda 21/2030 - NET ZERO - 5G - VaXXED - 1970's to Date.

DIGITAL ID - Tom Ross take note:

The Secret of Synchronisation:

Glastonbury - Sandi Adams

Registered office addressAtkinson Road, Urmston, Manchester, M41 9AD

Company statusActive : Company type: Private limited Company

Promoted By Tom Ross on behalf of candidates shown overleaf, all at Morris Hall, Atkinson Road, Urmston..

As Glastonbury Have Recommended - Considering The Passion - Participatory Democracy - A Peoples Debate is Required. Precedence Set..


What Happens When Youv'e Paid Council Tax to Date - They Double Dipped - GMEI Utilities. They Are Exposed - Then You Identify They Are WEF Terrorists?

[12:19, 22/03/2023] KC "I have an update.

He's been released pending investigation.

The guys name is mick. That's all I know. There discussing the options on what to do tonight. It was Derby Magistrates Court. The judge did one from the bench when questions were asked."

[12:50, 22/03/2023] +44 7450 959302: Judges the police no longer follow any law

But I have no idea what any of this is about.

Remember this is the same police. That died a lake black during covid, to stop people using it.

[12:51, 22/03/2023] DM: What are these 2 videos about?

[12:55, 22/03/2023] KC: Council tax. It was posted to the telegram 'Taken' group, so I was double checking to see if he was still taken, but received the update above. I'm raising awareness because the police took another one of ours

Rangy Case Call To Cleveland Police - Cut Throats in Court?

Stop Watching The Telly..

Pineal Gland Activation

Energy Shift Gathering (2)
Download PDF • 12.32MB

Beep PDF Flyer v0.3 (3) (4)
Download PDF • 478KB

Energy Shift Gathering Conclusions V2 (1)
Download PDF • 2.81MB

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