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We Have The Treatment's - We're Not Allowed To Use Them

One more for the Intelligence Gathering File.. Crime Number Required..

Murder Compart - mental - ised. But Murder All The Same.

Each Piece In The Puzzle Kept Separate So As The Full Picture Emerges Only To The Many When Its Too Late.

A Doctor With The Conscience - Speaks Out.

Dr Sam, you are a credit to your profession. Life Changing Statements As Made By A Man Whose Hippocratic Oath Actually Meant Something To Him.

Common Law - The Law of This Land:

The Patented Jab - Pre Pandemic. The Scandemic. The Plandemic

Chinese military scientist 'filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine BEFORE the virus was declared a global pandemic and worked closely with 'bat woman' at Wuhan institute'

Fauci Emails:

London 29th May 2021.

It Would Appear The Cabal's Tower of Babal Is About To Crumble - We Need To Seek Them Out At Every Level.

Again - Keep Joining the dots.

While preaching liberalism to the GOY we at the same time keep our own people and our agents in a state of unquestioningly submission.

Effectively many groups and individuals are complicit in this mass genocide.

The over arching plan has been hidden while each group that has played its part has NOT had the full picture but by now are complicit.

Be they MP's, Councilor's, Businesses that are promoting the Agenda 21/ 2030/ WEF/ UN/ EU/ CCP blueprint.

Manchester Evening News 18.12.20. Resignation of Ian Hopkins CC GMP.

It is both interesting and sad that Ian Hopkins was removed as Police Chief Constable for Greater Manchester as he was the nominated Primary Chief Constable for the We -The - People Project.

He cannot now answer in post for the crimes he and his force have assisted in covering up.

What the exercise confirms though is that Andy Burnham was pulling the strings and is the Paymaster for the force that has allowed White Collar Criminals and Government to wreck the UK economy. By Design.

This is the case study that will now be representative for other Chief Constables UK wide.

Other groups will be able to follow the process to get their own results.

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