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Boris You are F"Ck3d - And the rest will follow - Chief Constables - Council Leaders - Masons - CP.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

We are not sure of the warrant source as yet but at Common Law, Boris and the rest of the Masonic, Common Purpose - CP infrastructure system that supports the Treasonous activities of Central & Local Govt against the men women and children of the UK are well and truly up sh1T Creek. No Paddle - No Canoe.

False Flag events will follow of that we are sure. Here We Go!!

Treason, Genocide, Democide, Murder, Terrorism, War Crimes, Violation of The Nuremberg Code etc etc etc..


DR Andreas Noack - RIP

Andreas was a caring soul and a world authority on carbon engineering, the basis of his PhD doctoral thesis. He was interrupted during a live stream, being raided by the police. He was then murdered.






Notice-to-all-people - IoM & United Kingdom

From today Monday 29th November 2021 any Manx GP or politician or lawyer defending / pushing this toxic jab is guilty of mass murder. No court will save you. The Isle of Man with the oldest continuous parliament on earth must be the place to stop this carnage from today.

This goes for the whole of the United Kingdom

Please see this 18 minute 48 second video of murdered German chemist Dr Andreas Noack:

Andreas was a caring soul and a world authority on carbon engineering, the basis of his PhD doctoral thesis. He was interrupted during a live stream, being raided by the police. He was then murdered.

Clif-High Gives You The Forecasted Stats on The Deaths Due To Vaccination Rates

Scotland - England - Europe - Vaxx - Bio weapon Related Deaths.

Research Clif High - Data Gathering and Predictive Programming

Please share & not just with the un-boosted Manxies :-)

i was sent a highly discriminatory job advert for Greens Cafe, St John’s, Isle of Man, for a ‘coffee supervisor’. Today (Weds 24th Nov 2021) at 9.37am, i called ‘Nigel’ to verify on 07624 490912, he asked “did you text me”. “No” i replied. i asked if his advert was correct that applicants needed to be ‘covid vaccinated’.

He replied “yes”.

I countered “you do know there is no virus”.

He said he “hadn’t got time”… click… brrr…

be well: courtenay-adam-lawrence

PS, even for those hard of thinking please refer to the FoI reply on 18/02/2021 to Steven-William Gardner, the Isle of Man DHSC couldn’t find proof of… ‘isolated, purified SARS-CoV-2 virus’.

The jabbed have been had.

Tynwald Tragedy :-(

PPS, i will obviously never ever visit Green$$$ again…

Police help serve notices of liability to teachers: A very positive sign: People serving Notices of Liabilities (NOLs) (about covid vaccines) to teachers who phoned police. Police turned up and instead of targetting the so called protesters serving the notices, the police sargeant agreed that the situation is concerning and facilitated the serving of the papers to the head teacher. Police said they will help serve notices and to get in touch with them.

COVid Criminals Audit Trail Friday 16th July 2021. Crime Number JS435946946GB

Watch & Download

Dr Stefan Lanka - The Misconception called Virus.

Dr Andrew Kaufman With Courtenay Heading

Free Book Download: The Covid Con; A Wake

Mike Kane MP failed in the simplest of tasks. We The People - Case Study 4 - 5

Media Bollox - Dr Hilary - The Liar - The Condemned.

Richard Madeley taken to hospital after sudden illness on I'm A Celebrity | ITV News

The 65-year-old fell ill in the early hours of the morning, and was tended to by the show's medical team before he was taken to hospital? Clot Shot? Rip it Up & Start Again. On the Advice of Hillary the TV Doctor - Paid For By The Cabal.

Trevor Sinclair is blasted over vaccine rant: Ex-England star is slammed for spreading 'dangerous nonsense' after suggesting Sheffield Utd player may have collapsed due to Covid jab - as another footballer falls ill on field - The Truth Hurts The Cabal..

Sajid Javid Career Criminal :

“The powers-that-be know that vaccine mandates for healthcare workers lead to mass shortages of qualified personnel due to injuries and deaths,” warns The Covid Blog. “Many healthcare workers are quitting to avoid the injections, leading to even more shortages.”

A virus called Wuhan-400 makes people terribly ill … in a Dean Koontz thriller from 1981. How is it that some books appear to prophesy events?

The Eyes of Darkness features a Chinese military lab in Wuhan that creates a virus as a bioweapon; civilians soon become sick after accidentally contracting it

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