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Project Lazarus - 5G - Raising The DEAD - Caesium 137 - Trafford - WDTK.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Email To Chief Constables Plus Others 27 th Feb 2023

27.02.23 Chief Constables - SRA-Rangy-Mark-W-Rubicon-Watch-Committees
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What Happens When You Are Really In Their Game Plan?

Avatar (marketed as James Cameron's Avatar) is a 2009 epics cience fiction film directed, written, co-produced, and co-edited by James Cameron and starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez,[6] and Sigourney Weaver.

It is set in the mid-22nd century, when humans are colonizing Pandora, a lush habitable moon of a gas giant in the Alpha Centauri star system, in order to mine the valuable mineral unobtanium.[a]

The expansion of the mining colony threatens the continued existence of a local tribe of Na'vi, a humanoid species indigenous to Pandora.

The title of the film refers to a genetically engineered Na'vi body operated from the brain of a remotely located human that is used to interact with the natives of Pandora.[10]

Jabbed? You Are An Avatar In Their NWO - WEF - UN - UK Govt - Council - Game Plan..

Agenda 21 - 2030 - SMART Cities

15 Minute Cities - Oxford: A21-2030-SMART Cities

Project Lazarus

Project: Lazarus is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

It is a sequel to Project: Twilight and a predecessor to Project: Destiny. Wikipedia

Series:Doctor Who Release no.:45 Featuring:Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Evelyn Smythe

So what happens or how have we allowed the UK GOVERNMENT and their CORPORATE City of LONDON handlers to go all DALEK over us? The BBC have a hand in this as if we didnt know?

ProjectLazarus: Zombies is a wave-based first-person survival shooter based on the game mode from the Call of Duty franchise. The goal is to use a wide assortment of weapons to survive increasingly difficult waves of undead zombies . As they fight, players earn points that can be spent to help them survive and fend off the zombie hordes.

Grand Jury - Fuellmich:

BREAKING NEWS 2023: International Criminal Investigation calls on every public citizen to recommend indictments for Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Pfizer, BlackRock, Tedros and Christian Drosten for pushing the dangerous vaccines..

Tumours, Bleeds on the Brain - Vaxxed (2) (2)
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Note: Project Lazarus is still in ALPHA. Survive the endless waves of zombie hordes in this cooperative shooter. In Project Lazarus: Zombies, you earn points by killing zombies and repairing barricades. Get better weapons and open up new areas before the deadly zombies overrun you.

Project Lazarus: Zombies is a spiritual successor to my old zombies game. Inspired by Call of Duty Zombies. Controls: Interact - [F] Aim Down Sights - [Q] / [Right Mouse Button] Reload - [R] Knife - [V] Change Weapons - [1] , [2] , [3], [Scroll Wheel] Sprint (Hold) - [Left Shift] I'm still working on it, so expect bugs and more bugs to come. Remember to smash that like button! 👍 Favorite and Follow the game to receive notifications when I update the game! 👌 For the full update list, check out the Social Links below! Ages 9+Violence (Mild/Frequent), Blood (Unrealistic/Light)

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The 5G Trigger - Project Lazarus - MARBURG

22.02.22 - 1pm - Stephen Watson - Chief Constable - GMP

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Mass Psychosis has taken place with a view to controlling those who remain, those who have not died immediately from the vaccine/ bio weapon deployment labelled COVid 19. In the eyes of those who control the UK Government, MPs, Local Councils, UK Police and some Corporates a level of Human Augmentation has taken place through DNA manipulation.

See the mass psychosis post for UK Government Augmentation plans. Research The Internet of Bodies also World Economic Forum & Klaus Schwab

This is also known as the Trans human Agenda, where the vaccinated become a Chimera or Synthetic with a view to bringing about a Great Reset on Humanity where you will own nothing and be happy?

They are about to take your property away.

An Act of Fraud Has Taken Place - Now Genocide Under

The Daleks (/ˈdɑːlɛks/(listen)DAH-leks) are a fictional extraterrestrial race of extremely xenophobic[1][2]mutants principally portrayed in the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who. They were conceived by writer Terry Nation and first appeared in the 1963 Doctor Who serial The Daleks, in shells designed by Raymond Cusick.

5G In Action - Prepare For A Holographic - Alien Invasion

scans_mbecouk_20230131_154053_230131_134503 (1)
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Dear Bruce-Robert Lamb,

Freedom of Information request F23-096

Thank you for your request for information dated 14 February 2023,

received by us on the same date, which is copied below.

We will endeavour to respond to your request promptly but in any case

within 20 working days i.e. on or before 14 March 2023.

If you have any queries about your request, please use the request number

quoted above and in the subject line of this email.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Price

Information Compliance Support Officer

Information Compliance Service | House of Commons

Request has been removed

Download PDF • 1.12MB

This request has been hidden. We consider it to be vexatious, and have therefore hidden it from other users. If you are the requester, then you may sign in to view the request. Please contact us if you have any questions. (2) (2)
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Caesium 137 - Trafford MBC - Schedules 6 & 7

1-FOIR -Trafford Borough Council - WDTK-v0.17-MASTER
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Schedule 6

Blue Tooth Scanning – Blue Tooth Radar. Case Study. Trafford, Greater Manchester.

A number of locations were selected to test the identification of MAC addresses linked to device names in both retail and high street scenarios. We also then took the scanner into Brooklands Cemetery where there was no one at all apart from myself at the location.

The page: contains all the scans taken in the exercise.

Here you will find a three point estimate scenario that enables those truly wishing to rectify the problem and ask the intelligent questions such as what is responding to a Bluetooth scanned MAC address in a graveyard?

Is it a jabbed body and if so. Could it be the jab that put the man or woman into the position from which they passed. This then identifies that we have further solid evidence that Greater Manchester Police need to investigate a murder and once again to stop the jabbing of men, women and children which many of us now fully comprehend as a Satanic exercise promoted by linked agencies.

Why don’t Councils, UK Government and Police comprehend there is an issue?

There is a connection. It’s Masonic, Common Purpose and Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) initiated For those who the war never ends?

SOLVE – COAGULA. The words carved into Baphomet’s arms. The Luc Domanski case document exhibit needs to be read and fully understood by Police and the Statutory System that allowed the genocide to continue.

They are implicated.

This then confirms the connection between Local, Central Government and Police forces involved in a cover up as we experienced in we-the-people project case studies 2020. All parties in the decision making process are WEF, EU, UN influenced, bought or on a promise.

Location 1 B&Q Trafford Park. 6.12.22 1300 hrs.

Various points within the store.

Location 2. Trafford Centre Retail Park. 6.12.22

Central Atrium Food Hall Café Nero

Location 3. Brooklands Cemetery.

There was no one in the Cemetery, therefore no mobile devices should have been pinged. The head stones do not have Bluetooth devices in them. There is a possibility those who have been jabbed are being sounded or pinged from within their coffins. They will probably have cause of Death as COVID 19 or a heart related or blood clot as the outcome?

The majority of the readings were taken at the far end of Brooklands Cemetery.

19 Scans were recorded with devices traced. Below is a small selection the rest can be found in post.

Who Are These Potentially Chipped - Jabbed? People within Brooklands Cemetery?

Bluetooth Categories:

Class 1 : Transmits at 100 mW with a range of 100 meters.

Class 2 : Most Bluetooth headsets and headphones transmit at 2.5 mW. Range of 10 meters.

Class 3 : transmits with 1 mW at a range of less than 10 meters.

Schedule 7.

Part 2 will contain further evidence that foul play through Genocide has caused the death of a considerable number of Trafford residents in keeping with the Letter Before Claim.

With the permission of bereaved parties those who have been jabbed and passed and buried after this series of events will be scanned.

It is believed the Caesium 137 (C137) powers the Nano Parasitic Antenna within the corpse and a CS137 half-life of 30 years will identify those who met an early death for many years to come.

These will need to be addressed and conducted as murder investigations, given the following data.

This will be added to the intelligence gathering file with GMP: INT/06A1/0004545/21. Following links support this claim. Data from UK Citizen.

Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus | PLOS ONE

For those who tell you that the Covid-19 injection is authorised, approved or licensed remind them of these facts, especially if they are considering that the C19 injection is a good idea for children. The injections are still in Stage 3 Clinical Trials that do not finish until early 2023:

Currently given emergency approval (EUA), Conditional Marketing Authorisation (CMA) etc. All these terms mean they are only being used because of an “emergency” situation.

These injections have not been fully licensed anywhere in the world.

AstraZeneca Trials: AZ Trials

Pfizer Trials: Pfizer Trials

AZ example short term approval terms: AZ Approval Terms

Pfizer example short term approval terms: Pfizer Approval Terms

The public should only begin to use drugs or vaccines that are in Stage 4 clinical trials:

Pfizer tells us this: Stage 3 not normal

The animal’s trials for coronavirus vaccines have always failed because the animals got sick and/or died:

The initial trials were short and flawed:

What is the latest scientific evidence saying on the efficacy/ effectiveness of these Vaccines:

Absolute Risk Reduction i.e. the true impact that the injection itself was shown to have at reducing your chances of getting sick with Covid-19 was just 0.84% for Pfizer and 1.28% for AZ (per the Lancet study linked below).

Link :

The injections have numerous serious and fatal short term side effects and no long term safety data.

Link Adverse Reaction:

If the injections don’t work on “the variants” (given people are still getting sick and dying and indeed in increasing numbers), why continue to inject people with these same experimental injections that have shown themselves not to work?

Refer to Luc Domanski Case Notes. An exhibit with Manchester Magistrates. Genocide/ Democide under Silent Weapons Quiet Wars was the intended outcome. Book Balancing the objective in the Statutory, Roman, Talmudic, Babylonian, Admiralty world. In their eyes you cannot kill someone that they deem already DEAD. Cestui Que Vie Trust terms Apply. Read and Understand.

The Food Chain - PETS - mRNA

WHO - EU - WEF - UK.Gov - Local Councils

There is a serious concern over this coming weekend that our present set of Crown agents, based in the Palace of Westminster, are preparing to be party to signing away our democracy to the unelected World Health Organization [WHO] on Monday 27th February 2023.

We need to be protesting and registering our concerns with our local MPs. In case you are unsure as to how to send out such a protest by email (given the short time available), one of our co-workers has sent us this 'template' email text, which you may find helpful.

The WHO - What The F*cK - TREASON

Dear [MP]

I live in your constituency.

The British public are informed today that next Monday, 27th February 2023, will see representatives from 194 nations, including the United Kingdom, attending a conference, being invited to 'sign' our countries up to a Pandemic Treaty, by which an unelected, private body, the World Health Organization (WHO), will be able to control all of us, by deciding what is, or is not, to be regarded as a 'medical emergency'.

If this is true, what we could be contemplating here is a silent 'coup d'état', a World Government coming through by the back door. The people of this country have not been informed, nor has it been put to a vote to us.

The WHO would be able to dictate to all the subscribing nations what they most do, for example, declaring a new 'pandemic' for which there is evidence (this is not a conspiracy theory) that the previous/current COVID 19 'pandemic' was planned long ago and was orchestrated deliberately so that untested 'vaccines' of dubious nature could be brought in, which have now caused misery and death to a great many people.

Surely you cannot be unaware that the WHO is a nefarious body who take large donations from the pharmaceutical companies, the Bill and Melinda Gates being the largest donors? This is all about control and money.

Informed consent of the electorate would then be denied and medical interventions could be forced upon us. I am extremely worried, and as a sovereign being, I do not consent and will not co-operate with the concept of my health and sovereignty being signed over to a bunch of oligarchs'.

Will you please inform me whether this is allegation is true or false, and, if true, who it is who is going to be travelling to this conference to sign away the personal and national sovereignty of the United Kingdom?

Your constituency needs to be hearing from you whether these allegations have any foundation. Do not let us down.

{autograph at the end and give your postal address, so that he/she cannot simply shrug off your complaint] Sincerely yours :grant-andrew: - Huddersfield

Download PDF • 337KB

First Attempt With More Pressing Data - Problem?


Right Over The Target WDTK - Request Removed


Follow Up Email Mike Kane MP - Stephen Watson CC GMP

Mike Kane MP-Stephen Watson CC GMP
Download PDF • 1.39MB

The Rangy Case - SRA Update:

[15:34, 28/02/2023] bruce-robert:LAMB: bsolutely Brilliant. Gotem!!

[15:35, 28/02/2023] bruce-robert:LAMB: Can i use this in the linked doc to the Chief Constables round robin inc Mark - Rangy case?

1000000% just heading up now to do live in his studio to go VIRAL 😜 plus he had 12 people booked in hotels for tomorrow so are they getting compensation for their wasted time

The TWIST - They Are Devious - Hokey Cokey Magistrates - Statutory System

Interesting statue Given The Case?

You Need To Read This?

Download PDF • 1.03MB

Who Are These Men ?

Police Constables or POLICE OFFICERS

Three OFFICERS or Constables - Who Are They?

From WDTK Rangy Mark 1.3.23

Please make sure a transcript of the proceedings is available from todays 1.3.23, Court sessions in Court room 4 Case J00MB900 Teeside.

We also need all copies of video evidence of what was taking place within the court and linked offices.

The bag and movements of Police and Court Officials will need to be recorded. This is now further evidence of what is taking place and will be required for White Board 2 in the Nicola Bulley - The Peoples Investigation.

This follows the same pattern as i proved from 2006/7 - 2018 from the financial misgivings to take down the UK economy. Mike Kane now confirmed implicated 16.10.18-30.11.18. Mike were you at the Zelensky Westminster bash? Pictures of the Police in attendance at Court 4 are now in Post As we record events through to the downfall of the English Political and Statutory framework you will be able to reflect on the part you have played. Your moment in History?

I've added Andrew Bridgen in the circulation as he may need some more materials to comment on. Andrews growing schedule of interviews will need fresh material and the connections Andrew will have as a good MP that cant be bought will serve us well. WDTK team. We need an audit trail of accountability RACI - Responsible - Accountable - Consulted - Informed.

The Question Is Who Dunnit: Who Placed The Cut Throat In Rangys Bag?

Names Collar Numbers - Witnesses To A Crime On Site - The planting of a blade in Rangy's bag.. Hence the Hokey Cokey Piece?

Download PDF • 1.03MB

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